Football Foundation Goalpost Grants

Football Foundation – Recommended football goal supplier

Football Foundation Goalpost Grants – ITSA GOAL posts have been a major supplier of match quality football goalposts to the Football Foundation for over twenty years. Mini Soccer goals, 9v9 football goals have been supplied to numerous grass roots junior clubs with Football Foundation grants over the years.

High Impact PVC football goals with straighter crossbars, longer lasting nets fitted neatly to the rear of the posts and support stanchions that stay locked in place are just some of the goalposts supplied. Plastic goalposts with longer warranty unmatched by any other goal post manufacturer. ITSA GOAL offer a large range of goalposts to the Football Foundation grant schemes including socketed aluminium football stadium goals, Junior and senior freestanding football goal posts, unique patented anti-vandal steel fixed position football goals and spectator crowd barriers. One of the more popular goalposts in recent years has been our lightweight aluminium lockable folding goalposts that allow quick match day installation. The Foldaway goals now also have the option for Goalpost Transporters – A registered Design.

ITSA GOAL are an approved and well-respected supplier to the Football Association and the Football Foundation.

The Football foundation offer grants to support football. For more information and to check eligibility visit the link below.

To find out the costs of  ITSA Goal products or to buy online  visit our official online e-commerce site

Football Foundation Goalpost Grants – Replacement of unsafe football goals

To apply for help to wards the funding of goalposts through this scheme, your current goalposts will need to be in an unsafe condition. The size of the replacement goalposts does not have to be like-for-like e.g. you can replace 7v7 goals with 9v9 goals if they are unsafe, or do not comply with the relevant British Standards. Grants are only available for the replacement of unsafe goalposts and not for the initial purchase of goalposts.
The maximum grant available is dependent on the size of goalposts applied for:

• 2.44m x 7.32m (11v11) – a maximum 50% grant up to a maximum grant value of £750 per set of goalposts
• 2.13m x 6.40m (11v11) – a maximum 50% grant up to a maximum grant value of £750 per set of goalposts
• 2.13m x 4.88m (9v9) – a maximum 50% grant up to a maximum grant value of £500 per set of goalposts
• 1.83m x 3.66m (7v7 / 5v5) – a maximum 50% grant up to a maximum grant value of £500 per set of goalposts

If you are unable to reclaim VAT, this should be included in your total project cost. You will need to identify the goalposts you wish to purchase and submit the online application form detailing the chosen supplier, product name, cost (including delivery, installation and VAT if applicable) and product code.

In order for your application to be processed, you will need to provide the following documents:
• Photos of your existing goalposts, demonstrating that they are unsafe and non-compliant with current British Standards.

The Football Foundation Youth Football goal scheme for the English Schools Football Association affiliated schools – July 2014

The youth development review conducted by the FA is currently being implemented.
There are a number of schools that have already moved to the revised formats of youth football and used the grants previously made available to purchase suitable goals. The FA and Football Foundation would like to continue to support ESFA affiliated schools that still require funding to purchase goals.

The Football Foundation is offering grants at 50%, up to a maximum of £500, towards the cost of one set (per school) of British Standard 16’ x 7’ goalposts, including delivery and VAT (if applicable).ESFA affiliated schools are invited to submit an application for goalposts via an online application form located on the Football Foundation Website. Each application will be forwarded to the relevant County Football Association (CFA) for comment on community use.The grant scheme is only open to ESFA affiliated schools, who agree to open their facilities for community use, at hire charges which are both reasonable and commensurate with normal local authority rates for the use of such facilities. The FA’s definition of community use is that schools allow access and use of their pitches to local football clubs (preferably those affiliated to the FA).

Application process

Schools are invited to review the grant process and terms and conditions on the Football Foundation website.
Schools will be required to identify the goalposts they wish to purchase from the approved list of suppliers and submit an online application form detailing the chosen supplier, product name, cost (including delivery and VAT if applicable) and product code.
Please note that the maximum grant available is £500. This is generally considered to be 50% of the cost of one set of goalposts. Should schools order more expensive goalposts; the maximum grant towards those goals will remain at £500.The approved list of suppliers is not a ‘closed’ list and schools can if they so wish, purchase from other suppliers not on the list. If a School wishes to choose a different supplier then they will need to provide a list of the goals and the independent test results and certificates as evidence of meeting British Standards (BS EN748 and BS 8462) before the application can be made.Once submitted by a School the application will then be sent to the relevant CFA to provide them with an opportunity to confirm/comment on the use of the School’s pitches by local football clubs providing that the School as met the funding criteria, a grant offer will be made by the Football Foundation and sent by email to the School.Only on receipt of the offer email should the school then order and pay for the goals directly from their chosen supplier.

On receipt of the goalposts, the School will be required to send the following documents via an online form in order to claim their grant award: •an invoice receipt and/or delivery note as evidence of purchase and delivery (this needs to be dated, stamped and signed to be accepted); •a copy of a recent bank statement as evidence of bank details.Should any individual school attempt to purchase goalposts directly from a supplier without a grant offer letter, or prior to an offer letter being issued, the transaction would be outside of the scheme and they would not be offered a grant retrospectively.
Please note that the grant offered is for 50% of the costs of the goalposts, up to a maximum of £500. If the goalposts are bought for less than the amount originally requested, the Foundation will only pay 50% of the invoiced amount, not the total grant value.ITSA GOAL POST LTD are officially approved suppliers to the Football Association and the Football Foundation however they will not be directly involved with the grant process and will not be able to claim payment from the Football Foundation.

Football Foundation Goalpost Grants
A summary of the application process is as follows:

1. The School views FF/ESFA website and requires goalposts funding; and is redirected to FF goalpost scheme website for more details. 2. The School reads guidance, checks the FF terms and conditions of the grant. 3. The School contacts suppliers to get details of product and prices and completes the application form available on the FF website; N.B: if the goalpost supplier is outside of the list provided, evidence must be provided to the FF to show that the goalposts meet British Standards. 4. The School confirms that community use is either already available, and names the football club(s); or that they are liaising with their CFA to provide such access. The relevant CFA receives copy of the application for noting, and confirms the community use. 5. The School receives grant offer from the FF. 6. The School purchase goalposts as per the FF offer letter and pays direct to the supplier. 7. The School completes an online claims form and attaches all documentation required by FF for payment (this comprises receipt of purchase and copy of bank statement). 8. The School receives the grant award from the Football Foundation via a Bacs payment.