Folding Aluminium Goal Post – Locking Elliptical Folding 16′ X 7′

Folding Aluminium Goal Post

An innovative movable, free standing professional Folding Aluminium Goal Post. The Strongest and safest lightweight aluminum, foldable goal conforming to the strength test required to conform to British Goalpost standard  BS EN 16579:2018.

The first truly safe and secure foldable goal post, so much easier and lighter to carry than football goals with heavy steel folding sides. Unlike all the other hinged sided goals these fold flat and take up half the space . These goals have  fully welded lightweight yet strong aluminium side frames with no steel at all making them totally rust free. Finger and ankle entrapment from swinging sides is totally eradicated on these patented goalposts.

Foldable Goalposts – Lockable

Controlled by a key holder the goals are easy to move into position and anchor.  The goal side frames fold neatly under the crossbar and lock away after use. To use the football goals they are carried out in the locked position . When ready for use the side support frames are unlocked from under the crossbar and placed at ninety degrees into the open position and locked. Once locked the goals are safe and secure whilst being used

Likewise, after play the key holder releases the lock and  the sides simply fit back under the crossbar. The goal posts can now be be safely moved and stored. This patented system provides a safe alternative to all other types of hinged sided goals that rely on pins or spring mechanisms that can fail and allow the side frames to swing in and act like a guillotine.

European & USA Patent GB 2423260
Registered Design 5000197 5000198 5000199


Safer, Lighter Goal Posts

Goalpost nets can be removed easily or left attached to the frame when stored. Recessed net fixings enable goal nets to be attached to rear of posts alleviating  the need for unsightly clips pulling nets around the front of the posts that damage paint work. Fully welded  aluminum construction alleviates bolt on heavy steel net support stanchions that need constant attention and will eventually  rust. With no nuts and bolts to constantly tighten, no separate steel net support brackets to fit, these patented football goals are safer, lighter, rust free and easier to put up and take down. Slightly more expensive than other folding goals but well worth the extra cost. If the goals need to be moved any distance easy wheel systems are available.

Folding Goalpost Delivery

Football Goal delivery times vary on welded aluminum goals as they are made to order. This goal post may incur a delivery surcharge depending on your location. You may prefer to call us to check delivery details prior to ordering. Please email or contact our office for estimated delivery costs and current lead times.

For more videos please visit our Football Goalposts YouTube Channel,  how separate backbars can be fitted and also how easy it is to lock the goals in the stored flat or playing position.

Ground back bars are optional, they connect to the side frames and provide additional stability. They are ideal when goals are used on artificial services in conjunction with counter balance weights over the back frame.

Superior British product  Made in Sheffield, easy and safe to use, competitively priced and with an unmatched manufacturer’s warranty.

£ 1,000.92 inc VAT click to buy online


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