Goalpost testing

Independent goalpost testing

Football Goalpost testing by ITSA Goal Posts Ltd is extensive and every football goal post design goes through strength, topple and impact testing. The links below show the results of the independent testing including the certificates for the full range of football goal posts we offer.If you require a particular goalpost test certificate click on the links below and this will show all the testing at the required goal size, the certificate number and the full details of the test. These certificates are being put on the website for customers to print out however if your certificate is not showing at the moment we can email copies if required.




In-house goalpost testing

The weight report shows our own internal testing on the lightweight goalpost crossbars including actual live videos of the tests.  These crossbar tests show how incredibly strong the lightweight goalposts are in relation to their overall weight/mass and show why heavy steel goalposts are not actually needed for freestanding children’s goal posts. The blunt thoracic impact research we have undertaken also highlights why heavy steel freestanding goalposts should not be used around children. The goal post report S&H is the university report we commissioned into goal post toppling which has guided our designs for children’s football goalposts The last report safety standards V safer standards indicates, what in our opinion, is still needed to improve current goal post safety standards. We are interested to hear about accidents involving any goalposts as this helps highlight possible design problems.  We welcome the views of actual users with regard to our own goal posts and comments in general with regard to other types of football goal posts.

Goal post deflection testing 70mm tube 2014

Blunt Trauma Thoracic calculations BS8462

goalpost report S&H 2013

safer goalpost standards 2013


Goal Post Test Certificates

Please find Goal Post safety certificates listed below. The website is currently being amended and certificates are being added. If you require a copy of a specific certificate please email john@itsagoal.net for an up to date copy.


Goal-post–Foldaway-mini-soccer 12’x6′ -70–certificate-8070141


Goal post -12x6-oval-folding test certificate 13030183

Goal post -12’x6′- (3.6mx1.8m) oval-folding test certificate 13030183



Goal-post—12’x6′ (3.6×1.8m) uPVC-three-section-version-7080241-cetification