Football Goal Wheels

Football Goal Wheels

Football Goal wheels and Goalpost Transporters  –  The only football goal wheels system to allow the goalpost to be steered around tight corners and through narrow passages.  A registered  design to make moving freestanding goal posts with wheels safer and easier. The video shows the short wheel system for  12 x 6 mini soccer goals  and 16 x 7 youth  goals plus the longer base system for the larger adult full size 24 x 8 football goals with football goal wheels. The goal wheels can be used with the net attached to the goal post. Ideal for pre-match, training and fast installation for matches. Two sizes of goal post wheel transporters are available – The smaller (470 mm wide base) which is recommended for smaller children’s free standing goalposts  and the larger (970 mm wide base) for youth and full size adult goal posts.

Larger 970 mm wide Goal Transporters being used on a full size adult goal

Smaller 470 mm wide Goal Transporters being  used on a 9v9 goal post

Freestanding goalposts with wheels are ideal for coaching drills, official organized football games and training and  where fixed position goal posts are not practical. Flip over wheel systems on other freestanding goalposts  just do not work and if you look around you will see most have missing and collapsed wheels. ITSA GOAL wheel systems enable more maneuverability whilst at the same time they require less individuals to move the goal posts around.They work better, last much longer and cost less.

Football Goal wheels – Dollies

Football goal dollies are another simple way to move large goalposts frames around on wet and muddy grass football pitches. The system spreads the weight of the goal post frame evenly and protects the playing surface from rutting. The dollies allow goal posts to be more maneuverable and the video shows how the goals can be moved sideways as well as backwards and forwards. No need for wheels on every goalpost one set can move every set on your site and can save thousands of buy click here

Football Goal wheels – removable

For the lighter children’s goal posts removable wheels are an option. The wheels are easily fitted and removed for match play. As the video shows Football goals can be moved easily with very little effort in any direction by one person. Pneumatic wheels are also available for the muddier pitch. Please note the axle and wheel system in only available on the lightweight aluminum goal post range. These can be used on the flat pack goals as well as the fully welded alloy frames.

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