Self Weighted Rollaway Goal Posts Full size 24′ x 8′

Self Weighted Rollaway Goal Post – Free Standing

The Self Weighted Rollaway Goal is lighter, stronger and easier to move around than similar goal posts that incorporate heavy rear ground frames. Compared to other self weighted rollaway goalposts they perform better as they incorporate fully welded side frames that do not rely on nuts & bolts to keep the frame together.

Fully welded side frames reduce the maintenance on self weighted rollaway goal posts as they do not need constant attention to align and tighten nuts & bolts that hold the frame together. The nuts & bolts on these types rollaway goal posts loosen every time the goal post is moved. Goalposts with fully welded sides do not have this problem as lockable quick release frames keep the goal post frame securely in place at all times.

The ITSA Goal self weighted rollaway goal does not rely on internal steel brackets bolted to the goal frame to hold it together. The adjustment and regular tightening of nuts & bolts is eliminated on ITSA rollaway goals.

The net support frames to the rear of the goal post are made in aluminium, not steel like others, which makes the goal post frame rustproof. A unique innovative design not seen elsewhere with wheels permanently situated at the back of the goal post frame that do not interfere with play. – Ideal for public pitches where wheels and counter balance  weights need to be permanently attached to the goalpost frame.

If you are considering more expensive goal posts then ITSA Goal offer a much better long term investment including extended warranties.

Self weighted rollaway goal posts – free standing
Permanent roller wheels that will not buckle over
Recessed twist & lock net fixings to rear of posts
Easy to move & store after the game
Net support stanchions in rustproof aluminum and not heavy steel

Follows the latest goalpost safety standards BSEN 748:2013+A1:2018 and BS EN 16579:2018.

The best on line price.

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