Aluminum Goal Posts

Aluminum Goal Posts from ITSA Goal

Aluminum goal posts include lightweight fold-able goalposts for children’s Mini Soccer and 9v9 football ,fixed position socketed goalposts for junior football clubs and professional stadiums.  ITSA Goal posts offer the best in freestanding moveable goalposts as they are lighter stronger safer and easier to move around. Larger adult and youth goalposts are offered in an elliptical aluminum extrusion and lighter safer aluminum goalposts are offered for children in a 70mm aluminum tube.

All aluminum goalposts have goal nets attached to the rear with special net fixings that alleviate the need for tying and clipping of nets to the goalpost crossbars and uprights. Freestanding aluminum goalposts all have wheel options that allow the free standing goalpost to be easily moved around by one person. Wheels on ITSA Goal  freestanding aluminum goalpost do not buckle  as is the case with every other design available. They are without doubt the best performing aluminum goalposts in the UK. When your aluminum goalposts  have come apart and wheels have buckled  try ITSA Goalposts next time round

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    Aluminium Goal Posts

    Net Clips for Goalposts

    Goalpost Net Clips Fasclips

    Goal Spare Parts – Ground Pegs

    A safer longer-lasting alternative to metal ground pegs

    Aluminium Goal Net Clips – Slot Net Fixing

    Goalpost Slot Net Fixing – Designed for Itsa Goal aluminium goalposts.

    Goalpost Arrowhead Net Fixing – Nylon For Metal Goalposts

    This net fixing can be fitted to any goalposts, drill and push to lock in place – no threading required.

    Goal Post Ground Anchor – for 70mm goalposts

    Goalpost anchors for 70mm OD – Ideal for ITSA Goal uPVC goalposts and aluminium goalposts with backframes of 70mm OD.

    Stadium goal ground socket

    Stadium goal ground socket

    Goal Post Ground Anchor – 80mm goalposts

    Football goalpost anchor for 80mm OD

    Goal post lockable ground socket cap for oval stadium aluminium goalpost- HEAVY DUTY VERSION

    A single ground socket cap for use with the ITSA GOAL stadium socketed Oval goalpost.

    goal post oval socket cap key

    Chrome key for use with ITSA GOAL oval locking ground sockets.

    Goal Post Lockable Ground Socket Cap for oval stadium aluminium goalpost

    A single ground socket cap for use with the ITSA GOAL stadium socketed Oval goalpost.

    Industrial Nylon Stanchion Elbow

    Nylon stanchion elbow connects the top horizontal stanchion section to the sloping back stanchion

    Goal Post Spare Part – Lower Back Stanchion Connector -Nylon version for Flat Pack Alloy Goals

    Note picture shows white however the Nylon rear ground anchor is supplied in color black.

    Goal post corner bracket Nylon spigots – for Flat Pack Aluminium Goals

    hese goal post Nylon corner spigots are inserted into the Corner Bracket on the ITSA GOAL uPVC goal’.

    Goal Post Corner bracket spigots

    These goal post corner spigots are inserted into the Corner Bracket on the ITSA GOAL uPVC goal

    Goal Net Stanchion Tube Straight Connector

    This part connects the rear 40mm Diameter sloping back stanchions

    Spare Part T Brackets – Spectator Barrier

    For use with uPVC gaelic goals, Rugby Posts and Multi-Sport Two in one goals.

    Goal Post Net Hooks ITSA GOAL Arrow Net Fixings – polypropylene for plastic goals

    The fastest way to attach nets before a game. The fastest way of removing nets after a game The Neatest way of fixing behind the posts. All the benefits of rear net fixing with total safety.

    Goal Post Net Ties

    These releasable net ties allow you to neatly fasten nets to goal posts. A patented fixing arrangement enables the tie to stay secured in the same place to the goal net head cords yet release from the goal frame.Prevents fraying along back of goal


Typical problems on free standing oval goal posts not supplied by  ITSA GOAL