Aluminium Folding Goalposts – Elliptical Free Standing Goals 21′ x 7′

Folding Goalposts 21×7
Aluminium Elliptical Free Standing Goals

Folding Goalposts 21×7 that are made in Aluminium to make them much lighter than other heavy steel Folding Goalposts. This  free standing folding goal post, when compared to other similar freestanding steel goal posts is lighter and easier to move around. The ideal football goal post for when storage is limited and football goals need to be removed from the pitch after each game.

Freestanding Goalpost with with multi surface anchors

The ITSA GOAL Post freestanding goalpost that is supplied with multi surface anchors for use on grass and a unique counterbalance system is available for hard surfaces and artificial grass. The folding goal post has fully welded side frames and goal nets are neatly fitted to the rear of the posts with twist & lock recessed fittings.

These foldable goals are easier to move & store after the game, compared to other heavy steel goal posts. Rear net supports are made in lightweight aluminium tube and not heavy steel.  The goals are easily moved around using the wheel transporter system as shown on the video below .

European & USA Patent GB 2423260
Registered Design 5000197 5000198 5000199




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  1. Folding Goals, 21×7 Goalposts – Customer Reviews

    I work for the agency Quarterback, in Paris, which ordered two Elliptical Folding Freestanding Goal Posts 21×7” back in March 2016.For our next event, we would like to purchase a further six sets of these goals (same product). Moreover, we have a very busy year ahead of us, and as we are very pleased with your products, we may also order more sets of goals in the near future. I am available if you need any more information to establish the invoice. Best regards, Guillaume Richebraque

    For Guillaume Richerbraque – Paris, France  Football goal posts 5 stars Football Goalpost Reviews