Aluminium Movable Goals – Self Weighted Roller Goals

The Aluminium Movable Goals have permanently fitted wheels along the ground back frame. This has advantages over goals with wheels along the side, they are safer with wheels along the back and they also do not buckle inwards as seen on other makes of goals.

Aluminium Movable Goals – with Weights

Innovative aluminium movable goals designed for artificial surface pitches. The roller goals are designed with a wheeled back ground frame and integral weights in the back bar. The weights safely counterbalance the goals so they can be left in situ or moved safely into various areas of the pitch ideal for training.

Aluminium Movable Goals – without Integral Weights

The Aluminium Movable Roller Goals are also available without the integral weights in the back bar. The goals are more suitable for use on grass pitches without weights as they are much easier to move especially on heavy wet muddy pitches. The goals without weights include multi surface anchors so the goals can be safely anchored into grass pitches once in position.

Always counterbalance or anchor goals in accordance with fitting instructions.

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    Aluminium Movable Goal – self weighted roller goals
    Aluminium Movable Goal – Self Weighted Roller Goals- 5 a side
    Self weighted aluminium movable aluminium goals with wheels
    Rollaway Aluminium Goal Post 16’x7′ – Designed for Grass Surfaces
    Rollaway Aluminium Goal Post 16’x7′ is manufactured in professional 120x100mm aluminium.
    Self Weighted Rollaway Goal – Mini soccer 12×6
    Self weighted roller goals designed and more suited for artificial surfaces.
    Mini Soccer Rollaway Goal – elliptical aluminium designed for Grass Surfaces
    Roller goal post designed for grass surfaces with multi surface ground anchors.
    Youth Aluminium Rollaway Goal 21’x7′ – Designed for Grass Surfaces
    Rollaway goal posts designed for use on grass surfaces.
    Rollaway goal – Aluminium Goalpost -Self Weighted 21’x7′
    Self weighted aluminium Youth Goal – easy to rollaway after games – ideal for storing in compounds
    Rollaway Aluminium Goal Designed for Grass Surfaces 24’x8′
    Permanently attached wheels on this rollaway goal allows the goal to be moved much easier without the heavy ground back bar. Ground anchors are fast to insert.
    Self Weighted Rollaway Goal Posts Full size 24′ x 8′
    Free standing movable professional rollaway goal posts that are strong, light and easy to move around.

Aluminium goals do not rust and offer a longer life when used and maintained in accordance with the assembly instructions. Please refer to the Aluminium Movable Goals – Self weighted Roller Goals for more information

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