Football Goal Sizes

The Football goal size is important, as the sizes vary depending on the age group that is playing and by the number of people paying  If the football goal post size is the wrong goal size and proportion with the people playing, there may be an unfair advantage. Another factor that influences the football goal size is the football pitch size including the run-off area. The FA have produced a document that details such information to ensure that fair-play is in operation.

Full-size official match goalposts will vary depending on age group, for example, the football goal size of a junior match goal is around half of the size of the adult-sized match goal. The football goal size for the child’s match goal is 12×6, followed by either 16×7 (11|12) or 21×7 (13|14) youth/junior depending on their age, whereas the adult football goal size for a match goal is 24×8 (15+).

See the football goal post size diagram below which demonstrates the goalposts sizes available in relation to the height of an adult and child. The diagram also indicates the number of players that pay in the specific size of goals, for example, 11v11 players for adult full-size goalposts.

football goal size

football goal size

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football goal sizes

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