Steel Goal Posts Safety

Steel Goal Posts Safety

Anti-Vandal Fixed Position Steel Goal Posts

Anti-vandal steel goal posts from ITSA Goal are the only fully locking secure accountable steel goal posts available in the UK. These goal posts have numerous safety features and the unique patented system makes it impossible to remove and store the goalposts against a wall with crossbars attached to uprights. See the Full Range of Anti-Vandal Steel Goal Posts

Other steel goal post manufacturers claim to supply anti vandal lockable goalposts, however these versions only have uprights that lock into ground sockets. Anyone with a basic spanner can undo the nuts & bolts (if not rusted) on the crossbar and remove the crossbar and then the uprights. Do not be misled by claims other goalpost manufacturers that they supply secure locking anti vandal goalposts they do not.

An additional  feature only found on ITSA GOAL steel goalposts are the Industrial nylon push in arrowhead goal net fixings which help protect paint work and extend the life of goal nets. These fixings allow goal post nets to just lift on and off with ease. No tying or clipping is required, which saves hours on match days. Goal post net fixings attached to the uprights have the added advantage of preventing children shimming up the posts and extending the lifetime of the paintwork.

External and internal welds are electro plated on the corners of all anti-vandal goalposts to give added protection especially to unseen internal welds.  Net supports quickly attach to the crossbar out of the reach on vandals. With no bracket attached to the upright children find climbing onto the crossbar more difficult.

Goal Net supports can be easily removed after each game and stored with nets which helps prevent climbing onto crossbars . A safer option for all permanently sited goal posts especially mini soccer goalposts which are lower to the ground. Anti vandal goalposts are not mass produced bits of steel bolted together but are manufactured with laser engineering at its best. The goal posts offer total security, accountability and added safety. This attention to design and quality control is what makes ITSA GOAL products stand out from the rest. See  Steel Goalposts  information and prices in our goalpost shop.

The photographs taken around the UK of other manufactures goalpost highlight  what the glossy catalogues do not show and  indicate the problems found in heavy steel socketed and free standing movable football goal posts . We have never made dangerous heavy free standing steel goalposts and  do not recommend that they be used at all. We never put commercial interests before the safety of customers and children.

The picture below shows our electro plated steel goal corner  and also  a few of the problems we have encountered over the years with football goals manufactured by others.

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