Folding Goalposts

ITSA Folding goalposts are lighter and safer than any other foldable goal post.The range includes patented lightweight lockable and elliptical goalposts that have side frames that fold flush under the crossbar allowing more goals to be stored in confined spaces. A new budget version with swinging unlockable sides will be introduced in 2015. For pitches where goalposts need to be taken away after the game and stored. Unique easy to use wheel options are available for all our range of folding goal posts. These fully welded aluminium folding goals are lighter and easier to use than any other folding goal.  With aluminium rear net supports they are half the weight of other goals. if you are moving goalposts any distance then these will save you a lot of hard work humping around heavy goals with rusting steel sides.

Why Buy Goal Posts That Make Work When You Can Buy
ITSA Goal Posts That Just Work?

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    Folding Goalposts

    Fast Start Quick Goal – Folding Plastic Goal size 12’x6′

    Strong Fast Start Quick mini soccer folding plastic goals.

    Fast Start Quick Goal – Folding Plastic Youth Goal size 16’x7′

    Fast Start Quick Goal – Fast easy to use folding goals

    Folding Goalpost 8×6 – Lockable Secure Aluminium

    Lightweight Folding Goals – Play Faster on match days.

    Folding Goal – 8’x4′ – Locking Aluminium

    Goals designed to play fast – set up goals in under sixty seconds.

    Folding Aluminium Goal post – Elliptical adult Foldaway 24’x8′

    Full size folding and moveable aluminium goals that can fold flat after use for safe storage.

    Folding Aluminium Goal Post – Locking Elliptical Folding 16′ X 7′

    Professional Folding aluminium 9V9 goal. The best Folding Aluminium goal post for easier transportation and storage.

    Folding Aluminium Goalpost -16’x7′ Lightweight, Easy to Use & Store

    One of the lightest and safest 9v9 folding aluminium goal

    Aluminum Goal Post / 12′ X 6′ Mini Soccer Goal / Folding Goals

    An innovative Folding free standing mini soccer professional goal post.

    Goal Post Folding Mini Soccer 12′ x 6′ Lightweight & Lockable Football Goal

    The safest, lightest,strongest and easiest to use folding Mini Soccer goal in the UK,