Junior & Garden Goals

ITSA GOAL Junior & Garden Goals

All ITSA GOAL branded junior & garden goals conform to British safety standard BS EN 16579:2018 – GOALPOST SAFETY STANDARD and are suitable for home and match play.
The goalpost safety standard BS 8462 is now not applicable. has now been withdrawn.

The 12’x 6′ mini soccer goal is the Football Association  recommended size for small sided football. The ITSA Goal version is quicker to install, has straighter crossbars and does not have goal nest pulled around the front of the posts.

All junior goal posts and garden goals Include a roof to the net and ground anchors to secure the goalpost firmly in place. Arrowhead net fixings enable goal nets to be lifted on and off the posts with ease and special ground frame net fixings prevent nets from fraying along the ground. These net fixings are exclusive to ITSA GOAL post products which is why they look better and why goal nets do not fray along the bottom of the ground frame as with all other uPVC football goals.

The goal posts are made in high impact uPVC, they are Light and easy to assemble. Fully portable, free-standing, Highly flexible, can be used on any surface, are maintenance-free and  can fit into carry bags if required. The most popular goalposts, however, are our single section crossbars, which are sturdier and have less sections to put together. ITSA uPVC Mini soccer Goals are the only ones available with one section crossbars and uprights.

This version is not only sturdier it has a straight crossbar, unlike Samba Goals, and can be installed in under one minute. The Ideal mini soccer goal when left on site.

Junior & garden goals, available from our own goalpost shop

  1. 1
    12′ x 6′ Garden Goals

    Aluminum Self-Build Football Goal Post – Mini Soccer Goal 12’x6′ – Sectional Crossbar

    Aluminum Goal Post Mini Soccer 12×6. Follows BS EN16579:2018 Goalpost safety standard.

    Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goal Size 12’x6′

    Fast assembly & easy to move folding plastic goal. 300% stronger corners brackets. Conforms to the latest goalpost safety standard BS EN 16579:2018.

    12’x6′ Garden Goal – Multi surface Footie Goal

    FA official size match standard 7 a side goals that conform to BS EN 16579:2018 which replaces 8462:2005+A2:2012.

    Garden goal post 12×6

    Best Quality uPVC goals in the U.K. Fast Assembly & Fast Delivery.

    Mini Soccer Goal Post uPVC 12’x6′ – single sections

    This Match standard football Goal was designed and approved for mini soccer and conforms to the British standard BS EN 16579:2018 and is without doubt the best uPVC Mini Soccer goal available in the U.K

    Mini Soccer Goal 12′ x 6′ – Multi-Surface – Two Section Crossbar – Fits Into 2m Goal Bag

    Multi surface Mini Soccer Goal 12′ x 6′ with a two section crossbar and ground back bar, enabling the goal to fit into our 2m carry bag. Less sections than a three section crossbar version goal so faster to assemble.

    uPVC Mini Soccer Goal 12′ x 6′ – fits into 1.5m goal bag

    12′ x 6′ match standard goal complies with all relevant British Standards. Suitable for league use, FA recommended size for mini soccer. Three years guarantee*

  2. 2
    8′ x 6′ Garden Goals

    Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goal Size 8’x6′

    Fast, Safe, Easy to store children’s folding goal. Weatherproof uPVC, 300% stronger corners than competitors’ goalposts. Conforms to the latest goalpost safety standard BS EN 16579:2018.

    8’x6′ Garden Goal

    Strong reinforced Garden goal posts – the ideal 5v5 garden goals with extended guarantees

    Garden Goal Post 8’x6′

    The ideal 5v5 garden goal with extended guarantees and unique goalpost ground anchors.

    Garden Goal Post 8’X6′ multi surface – single section crossbar

    Strong reinforced uPVC Garden goal post – strong enough for adults – three years guarantee *

    Garden Goal uPVC Multi surface 8’X6′ – two section crossbar – fits in a 1.5m bag

    Strong reinforced uPVC Garden Goal – even strong enough for adults – Three years guarantee *

  3. 3
    8′ x 4′ Garden Goals

    Goals for the garden – uPVC 8′ x 4 – two section crossbar

    The ideal goals for the garden, can pack in a 1.5m bag

    Garden Goalposts uPVC 8′ x 4′

    Robust uPVC single section goalpost – ideal to be left assembled in the garden.

  4. 4
    6′ x 4′ Garden Goals

    Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goalpost Size 6’x4′

    Folding Garden Goals – easy to set up for quick play. Weatherproof, 300% stronger corner brackets than competitors’ goalposts. Conforms to the latest goalpost safety standard BS EN 16579:2018.

    6’x4′ Garden Goal

    The ideal starter goal, strong sturdy, totally weatherproof and will take dad’s shots.

    Garden Goal Post 6×4

    Quality 6’x4′ Starter Garen Goal

    Kids Goalpost 6’x4′

    Robust uPVC kids goalpost that includes reinforced specially strengthend corner brackets.

A wide product range of goalposts are available at our Football Goalpost Shop