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Adult Goalposts Range

Full size 24’x8′ adult goalposts include anti vandal steel socketed goalposts, ideal for local authorities or any permanent fixed position  football pitch. ITSA Goal posts also offer various elliptical and fold away goalposts that are secure and lockable. For pitches where goalposts need to be taken away after the game flat pack portable goals in carry bags are available as are movable  freestanding football goals with different wheel options.  At the bottom of the page view the video of our unique folding full size goalpost, this goal is a registered design and is patented.

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    Aluminium Socketed 24′ x 8′ Goals

    Pro Stadium Aluminium Goal Posts Complete UEFA Package

    Aluminium Stadium Goal Posts – patented and lockable.

    Socketed Stadium Aluminium Goal Post – Lockable Elliptical Adult Goal

    Fully welded corners, secure if left assembled and also quick releasing if goals need removing.

    Aluminium Goal – Elliptical Socketed 24′ x 8′ – Lockable & quick release

    Fully welded corners, secure if left assembled and also quick releasing if goals need removing with fast removable ‘D’ shaped net supports.

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    Anti-theft & Steel Socketed 24′ x 8′ Goals

    Full size Football Goal 24×8 – Anti vandal Steel – Single goal

    Steel Anti-Vandal 24’x8′ – Patented ITSA GOAL product – Anti-theft, locking socketed steel goalpost for exposed public pitches

    Anti-vandal Anti Theft Lockable Steel Goalposts Full Size 24’x8′ – Pair

    Patented ITSA GOAL product – Anti theft , proper locking socketed steel goal for exposed public areas. Ideal for local authorities with interchangeable uprights.

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    Freestanding & Folding Goalposts

    Rollaway Aluminium Goal Designed for Grass Surfaces 24’x8′

    Permanently attached wheels on this rollaway goal allows the goal to be moved much easier without the heavy ground back bar. Ground anchors are fast to insert.

    Self Weighted Rollaway Goal Posts Full size 24′ x 8′

    Free standing movable professional rollaway goal posts that are strong, light and easy to move around.

    Folding Aluminium Goal post – Elliptical adult Foldaway 24’x8′

    Full size folding and moveable aluminium goals that can fold flat after use for safe storage.

    Aluminum Goal Post / 12′ X 6′ Mini Soccer Goal / Folding Goal

    An innovative Folding free standing mini soccer professional goal post.

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    Portable Adult Goalposts in a Carry Bag

    Aluminum Regulation Goal – Portable 24’x 8′ Adult Goal That Will Fit in a Carry Bag

    The only full size portable goal that packs in a bag – ideal for tournaments

Professional Quality Adult Goalposts – Further Information

All Itsa Goal Adult Goalposts exceeds the current goalposts safety standard , BSEN748 & BSEN 16579:2018 –
Please note the goalpost safety standard BS 8462 is now not applicable. Currently, Itsa Goal Posts supply adult goalposts to clubs of all levels across Europe and have been supplying goalposts for over 30 years.

Itsa Goal Posts manufactured football goalposts are the most innovative goals in the UK, we provided the first patented lockable welded cornered stadium goals, folding goals with transporters(a registered design) not to mention we created Mini Soccer.

Goals are available in a wide variety of goalposts sizes. These include Aluminium, Steel and Plastic goal posts, permanent socketed fittings for goalposts in parks or schools and freestanding posts to allow greater flexibility of use.
Itsa Goal offers goalposts solutions for various surfaces and locations and considering storage – we even offer a full size goal that can pack in a goal bag after use, useful for moving tournaments. Portable goals allow for easy transport by utilising goal posts transporters a registered design or goals that pack in bags.

Safe integrated self weighted goalposts provide strength and safety in addition to manoeuvrability on synthetic surfaces. These roller style goals are also provided for grass surfaces without weights but easier to use multi surface anchors, these goals are therefore easier to move around on traditional grass roots muddy grass pitches.

Our Itsa Goal patented Foldaway goal is one of our most successful goalposts, designed as an effective goal post for clubs that need to quickly set up pitches and also store goals after games but equally useful for pre-match solution for professional clubs, the goal is designed to work to get the large goals out quick on the pitch for match play and easy and safe to store after games.

Adult full size goal posts are designed for adults 18+, the Football Association guidelines advise that they are suitable for 11v11 format matches at U17 and U18 level. This size of posts can also be used for U15 and U16 level in 11v11 formats although 21×7 is a preferred size.

Below are the size specifications for full-sized professional goalposts and pitch markings, outlined by the FA & FIFA. :

Adult Goalpost Width: 24ft 7.3m
Adult Goalpost Height: 8ft 2.4m

Full-sized football pitches can vary in size. The length must be between 100 and 130 yards, with a width no less than 50 yards and no more than 100. The FA recommended the following dimensions:

Width: 70 yards
Length: 110 yards

For more details on goal and pitch sizes for your age group, you should contact your local F.A.

Click here for more detailed pitch size information. FIFA Laws of the game

Adult Goalpost Maintenance

Properly maintained in accordance with instructions supplied with goals, posts can last 10 years, but general wear and tear or rust on steel goal could reduce the life of your posts. Aluminium goals do not rust and so offer a longer life.
Please refer to the Adult Goalpost Fitting Instructions for more information

A wide product range of adult goalposts are available at our football goalpost shop click here

Take a look at our Folding Adult Goalpost Video and other Goalpost videos