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FAQs / Goalposts has information for users of goal posts.
Q. Who is the oldest plastic football goal manufacturer?

Plastic football goals were created first in 1989 by John Wilson who went on to sell the product through his company ITSA GOAL posts. The diving shot used by the company at the outset shows the very first mini-soccer goal. The photograph is now produced in a digital format and still reflects the look and quality of the design.

Q. Who are the three oldest goal post manufacturers in the UK?

The three oldest goalpost makers in the UK are Harrods UK based in Lowestoft,
ITSA GOAL posts Limited based in Sheffield (the home of football) and Edwards
Sports now owned by a German company based in Bridport.

Q. Why do plastic posts from ITSA GOAL cost a little more than Far East, Samba and
Forza goals?

Basically, customers are paying for better engineering which enables football goals to last longer. ITSA GOAL posts have stronger corners, thicker net support tubes that never crease or break and straighter crossbars. Goal nets last longer as they are not pulled around posts and clipped but secured to push in net hooks on the rear of the posts. Goal nets on ITSA GOAL posts do not fray along the ground as they do not rub on the floor in the same way all the other goals do. See what customers say over the last forty years. Buy quality buy once!

Q. What are the current prices of the goal posts on your site?

This site is about goalposts to inform users about the various types available and to advise which would be the best option for differing sites. This is not a site that will pressure sell but will help you make the right decision, and save you money, highlight safety tips and helpful information. When you have found the type of goalpost you need  visit one of the various on-line stockists for up to date prices:

■ www.itsagoal.co.uk

■ www.soccertackle.com 

Q. How long have you been a Goalpost Manufacturer?

We are in the fourth decade of goalpost manufacture, and we are the second oldest goal post manufacturer in the U.K and the oldest plastic football goal manufacturer. Many of our early plastic goals are still in use even though the original children have now grown up. We, are a dedicated family business whose ethos is football based and most of our staff are or have been involved in football and are lovers of the game.

Company accountant Ian Smith scoring at Wembley Stadium
Q. We have seen other uPVC goal posts crossbars dip considerably in the middle, does yours?

All plastic football goal crossbars have a slight dip depending on the length of the crossbar however ITSA GOAL posts do not dip in the same way as other plastic goals like Samba and Forza Goals. If you see a plastic goal with a straight crossbar it will be probably be an ITSA GOAL post.

Q. How long does it take to deliver goalposts?

Stock items like uPVC goals are delivered with an overnight carrier excluding week ends. Saturday delivery can be arranged however there is an additional charge. Most orders take a few days to be processed however if you mention that it is a birthday present then it will be prioritized to make sure it arrives in time. Please order in plenty of time to ensure delivery. In all the time we have been supplying football goals we have never let anyone down at Christmas or on a Birthday.

Q. What football goal would you recommend for a nine-year-old?

Ideally a mini soccer goal that is twelve foot wide and six foot high. If you have a smaller garden a goal that is eight foot wide and six foot high is also available. Both are ideal for young footballers. These are available in plastic or if you have a little more to spend the self-build aluminium goals are a great buy and will last for you, your children and your grandchildren.

Q. What can be done if goal nets are damaged by wildlife?

Wear and tear items such as goal nets and carry bags have a limited sixty-day guarantee Our goal nets however use thicker cord and last much longer than other plastic goal nets by many years. As you will see on our customer feedback some have lasted over twelve years or more. Damage can be caused by rabbits or rodents that gnaw at the nets. It does happen from time to time in locations open to wildlife. We recommend mixing some pepper into mustard and rubbing the nets along the bottom up at least two squares. All Itsa Goal products include proper net fixings that allow nets to be fitted on and off,  so nets can be easilly taken off after games, this is advisable in rurral areas or lifted up away from ground level.

Q. Are replacement goal carry bags and goal nets available?

Goalpost bags and goal nets like all components are available as spare parts. These can be ordered online at our itsagoal.co.uk. shop. Alternatively, you can contact our sales office by telephone on 0114 242 4244 and we can ship the same day. Unlike other plastic goals, we offer longer warranty and spare parts are rarely needed on our products.

Q. What will happen if my older teenage children play with the uPVC goals?

The ITSA Goal posts unlike other plastic goalposts are very robust and take the hardest of shots. The goals were originally designed for young children so if teenagers or adults use the goals, they may wear the net out quicker but the frame will stand up to adult use.

Q The arrowhead net fixing rods have been thrown away by mistake. What can I do we have a game arranged tonight?

For a short-term, emergency a couple of matches can be pushed down into the hook to hold it in place or any rod that is 4mm in diameter. Replacement hooks are readily available. These net fixings are one of our earlier patented products and are available in our shop and from licensed suppliers.

Q. The goalposts have arrived but the packaging is damaged and a component is missing?

All products leave our warehouse intact however from time-to-time damage can occur in transit. Any damage should be noted and signed on carrier’s delivery note. This should be reported within seven days to our Despatch Department and a replacement part can be sent out.

Q. When the ground is hard we find it difficult to insert the front ground anchors.

If the ground is hard for example in summer, you can soften with water and make a pilot hole with a steel rod before inserting the front ground spikes and pegs.

Q. We place the ground anchors on our portable goalposts in the same place each week.

In this instance it is a good idea to insert a support tube below the ground to a minimum depth of 40mm below the surface and fill with sand and soil. The ground anchors can slide into the tube and the soil can grow over the top. This is recommended especially for the full-size regulation goal when used for matches on the same pitch in the same place each week. These goals are popular for tournaments where goals are used over a short period in different locations.

Q. Why is our arrowhead goal net fixing not staying in place?

This is usually because the user has not followed the fitting instructions. The pin protruding from the end of the hook needs breaking off and sliding down into the hook to secure. Once this pin is in place the net hook cannot come away from the post. The hook can be easily removed by pushing the pin completely through the hook, with a nail or rod 3mm or less in diameter until it drops inside the post. Collect and save the pin, you can reuse the hook by reinserting the pin.

Q. Why do we need to return goal components when claiming under guarantee?

Replacements requested under guarantee need inspecting to check for any misuse prior to a replacement being sent out. This enables us to resolve genuine problems and look to see if any improvements can be made. Breakages are normally from incorrect installation or misuse – Always replace individual damaged components. We have very few breakages and we can count on one hand replacement parts supplied under guarantee in the last thirty five year. We can boast that we have not had one dissatisfied customer using the goals since we started manufacturing goalposts way back in 1989.

Q. why when I fit the goal net it does not reach the ground?

This is usually due to the goalpost net being fitted upside down. The longest section of net cord is the goalpost crossbar, the next longest is the goalpost upright and the shortest is along the ground at the side. For quick installation it is a good idea to mark the two top corners of the goal net with a small band of coloured tape, this will enable you to immediately find the net corners each time you lift the net into place. Don’t worry you are not the first to try and put nets on upside down.

Q. Are your products environmentally friendly?

Yes, everything is recyclable. We have detailed information on our web site about the company and the environment.

Q Some goalpost manufacturers tell us that some goal posts are illegal?

This is due to certain manufacturers of goalposts not being football people and not understanding the laws of the game. Football goals need to conform to F.I.F.A. law one. The only relevant items in law one is the size of the goal, the material used and the shape of the actual posts When a net is attached it must be supported away horizontal from the crossbar at the top. The goal posts should not carry any advertising on the front of the posts or on the net. Match officials should not play any affiliated matches with non conforming goalposts.

Q. I like the look of the FOOTIE GOAL what is the difference to ITSA Goal posts ?

The Footie Goal is a budget version of an ITSA Goal as it does not have net fixings. This is to offer a quality product to compete against lower quality plastic goals. They look the same and perform the same and have the same quality net. The posts slot together and the goal net like on other uPVC goals helps holds the frame together. The ideal garden football goals that are put up and left up. If you want to take nets on and off, then the more expensive club ITSA Goal post is recommended.

Q. How does the goal net attach as it doesn’t appear to be one of those ugly wrap around ones.?

The net is attached to the rear of the uprights and crossbar by patented arrowhead net fixings and is pegged to the ground at the base with safe net ground pegs. The football goal is easy to install and take down and is comparable in price to a Far East toy but is not a toy but a piece of sports equipment. We would recommend the multi-surface goal if the goal is to be moved around.