Environmental Policy

“Save the planet, it’s the only one in the solar system that plays football “

As a long established manufacturing company we aspire to design goal posts with the environment in mind. We use sustainable business development systems in order to meet the needs of present and future generations.

Be green keep it on the screen

Our environmental policy is a paperless electronic system to allow for Invoicing, specifications, and photographs to be downloaded quickly and easily at any time. In the short term, we know this may reduce our sales but we feel the sacrifice is worthwhile. Our paper waste is reducing year on year and any discarded paper is shredded and used in packaging.

Environmentally friendly production

Our environmental policy is one of the most up to date in the industry with regard to the impact on the environment.The company is working steadfastly towards ISO 14001 to mitigate any future the impact on the environment. Furthermore, we aim to meet the criteria once it has been formalized by the European Commission in order to comply with future ‘Sustainable Public Procurement Rules’. Local authorities can rest assured they are purchasing from a company that is adhering to the current government’s policy on sustainable development.

Smart Meters

The majority of electric lights are on sensors that automatically turn the lights off when they are not needed. All electrical fuse boards are on timers that are only live during working hours.  All computers are switched off after use. (this single measure equates to the energy required to print 800 sheets of A4 paper)  All our rooms are thermostatically controlled and roof areas have additional insulation fitted. A  “Smart Meter” records all business’ electricity consumption in greater detail than a conventional meter.  Furthermore, the energy supplied to us comes from cleaner, low-carbon sources: ‘47% from renewable generators and 19% from cleaner CHP(combined heat and power) generators.


Green waste is collected from our seven-acre sports ground and is naturally composted in an aerated pile, this includes food wastes from the staff canteen, excluding meat and also a small amount of cardboard. The resultant compost is used on the site. By reducing food and green wastes within our regular collection, less leachate is formed within the landfill and also less methane a potent greenhouse gas.All our waste is separated and recycled locally. Steel and aluminum tubes are purchased from UK manufacturers and raw material waste is kept to a minimum. (less than 2%)

Electronic Media

We have invested in comprehensive websites to provide detailed information for customers to evaluate products before they buy. Customers can see videos and numerous photographs to quickly evaluate which football goals will be suitable at their location. We use environmentally friendly recycled packaging and manufacture products that last. Our football goals, unlike others, are not throw away items as they are engineered to last many years.We concentrate on digital technologies and do not produce glossy product brochures that use valuable resources.


We offer a service for customers to return any goal post tubing and fittings for recycling. We use environmentally friendly recycled packaging and manufacture products that last. Our football goals, unlike others, are not throw away items as they last many years (see customer comments).We provide a full aftercare service and next day spare parts for all our goal posts to guarantee long lasting performance. This is backed up by the longest goal post warranty in the industry. Staff use shared vehicles to reduce pollution, where possible,and it is company policy to encourage the use of public transport.

Made in the Far East – buried in Britain

We encourage customers to think twice before they buy imported cheap football goals. If they are unlucky enough to end up with a flimsy poor quality goalpost we ask that they post on social media and explain the problems they have experienced to help prevent others from doing the same thing. Return poor products and demand a refund as this is the only way to stop inferior plastic and metal goal posts being imported into the UK. These imported football goals more often than not end up in a landfill. You can help stop the expansion of landfill sites in the U.K.by not buying low-quality short life imported Far East products.

Football Goals that will not cost the earth

Our company supply goal posts that offer customers better design with quality engineering, higher safety, a longer life span, easier to use products and all at a down to earth price. We continually monitor our environmental performance in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and help to slow the trend of global warming.

Jon Paul Wilson
BSc(Hons) Env Studs (Open), Cert Hum