Aluminum Goalposts Safety

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ITSA Goal posts with fully welded corners are raising the Industry standard

Goalpost manufacturers are now beginning to follow our lead and offer, at long last, welded corners on football goals. The problem of un-welded mitred corners on football goal posts was highlighted in 2005 at Old Trafford when the football goal posts came apart during a live broadcast game between Manchester United and Liverpool on Match of the day.After this incident other manufacturers started to look at our own welded football goals and realised the problems of unstable football goal posts.

The photographs below taken all around the U.K. demonstrate the maintenance problems and dangers of such football goals. Crossbars can expand considerably more than uprights which is why badly designed football goals come apart and can never stay together without constant re-alignment and re-tightening of bolts. Why buy yourself work when you can buy goal posts that work!

typical wheels on goalposts supplied by others Moving the goalposts - typical goalpost wheel on other manufacturers goalposts football goal buckled flip over wheel
Typical wheels on goalposts supplied by other goalpost manufacturers
Flip over wheels do not work –  Buckled wheels on goal posts

If you want to buy a football goal that will last be sure to check that ALL corners are fully welded and not just held together with internal or external steel brackets.Free standing football goalposts from our company have always had fully welded corners and side frames that do not rust.

We believe where  possible not to mix steel (ferrous metal) and aluminium (non ferrous)  and that is why we prefer not to make goal posts with heavy steel net supports that are bolted onto the rear of aluminium goalpost frames.

Numerous free-standing goalposts used in sports centres have wheels that have buckled in and  collapsed  or  have goal nets entangled in them. The wheels used with internal bearings are not ideal when left out in the open all the time and that is why they do not last very long.  The wheel systems we  use on our free-standing goalposts are practical, easier to use. They offer longevity and practicality – They actually work!

Examples of other Aluminium Goalposts

Why use Aluminium for goal posts?

After iron aluminium is the second most widely used metal in the world. This is because aluminium has a unique combination of attractive properties when used for goal posts : – low weight, High strength, superior malleability, easy to fabricate & machine, low tooling costs with short lead times, excellent corrosion resistance (does not rust), good thermal conductivity, three hundred years of known reserves, sustainable & recyclable, much safer in use due to reduction in weight & much easier to move around.

There is no need for anyone to use dangerous free standing steel goalposts that can cause serious injury if they topple forward onto players. Change old dangerous football goals now speak to our technical director for more help on the type of goalposts that would suit your club.