Plastic Goalposts


ITSA GOAL posts are stronger, easier to use and outperform other plastic football Goals. Superior innovation in product design provides longer lasting sturdier and easier to use football goals. With such high quality football goals comes extended manufacturers warranty unmatched by other goal post manufacturers.

Noticeable differences are that net support stanchions are not secured to the goal frame and crossbars dip considerably on all other plastic goals. Many users of plastic goalposts, like Arsenal Football Club, have replaced Samba Goals with ITSA GOAL products.This is a growing trend as more and more users see the benefits of plastic goals with net support tubes that stay attached, do not crease or break, goals with nets that last longer, football goals that are stronger, work better and go up faster. ITSA GOAL posts are the only plastic goals that have net supports secured to the corner brackets and the only football goals that do not clip nets around or under posts.

The goals you chose should be a strong design. We recommend checking the goal corner bracket design, ITSA GOAL and FOOTIE GOAL branded goals include a locking spigot so that the horizontal top net supports properly locks into place, this design is much better than goals with top stanchions that push in with no locking. If you are unsure when buying a goal ask to check the fitting instructions which should be downloadable from the web site.

The image below shows the difference between the corner brackets of three different goalpost manufacturers. Our ITSA GOAL Upvc Goal corner bracket is on the left, the smaller Striker goal supplied by Smyth’s is centre and the samba goal corner brackets is right. The  ITSA GOAL Corner bracket is on the left – The products middle and right are NOT ITSAGOAL PRODUCTS. The photo was taken with the parts next to each other so they are proportional to shows the sizes. The image of the samba goal also shows the large holes in the corner bracket where the back net support tubes spragg in place, in contrast, the ITSAGOAL corner bracket on the left has a locking spigot that is designed to lock in, it is strengthened internally and the net support is designed to lock in place over the spigot so the net support tubes remain firmly in place during play.

      Goal Post Corner Brackets



All the photographs we show in this section are of  Plastic football goals in use around the U.K. Taken over a long period of time these pictures show the difference between staged sales photograph and actual plastic goals in use. We suggest buyers look at the detailed and genuine customer comments we have received over many years with those collected by other paid review companies used by other goal post suppliers.  Football Goals  ” Made in Sheffield”  the home of football.

Secure net supports that do not crease and break ….see the difference!

We do not normally use negative advertising like this but many of our customers wasted a lot of money on Samba Goals and other Far East copies before they find out about our football goals. This page explains the differences and the design flaws in our opinion other products have. It is our customers,who use football goals every week, who tell us that our goal posts perform better, have straighter crossbars, have longer lasting nets and offer longer product warranties than any other plastic football goals. See what they say before you buy your next football goal   (see customer reviews)