Plastic Goalposts

ITSA GOAL posts are stronger, easier to use and outperform other plastic football Goals. Innovative design and engineering provides longer lasting sturdier goalposts and longer warranty. Goalposts that are accredited, impeccably made and safe.

Cost-effective football goals with straighter plastic crossbars and net supports secured to the goal frame make the football goal frame more stable. Many users of plastic goalposts, like Arsenal Football Club, have replaced Samba Goals with our superior plastic Mini soccer goals. This is a growing trend as more and more users see the benefits of plastic goals with net support tubes that stay attached, do not crease or break and have long-lasting goal nets.

Plastic goals that work better, go up faster, and do not rely on nets pulled around posts to hold the goal frame together.

Before you buy a plastic goal check the goal corner bracket design. You have two choices one just has a hole and the net support is pushed into unsecured. Others like our own have a locking spigot so that the horizontal top net support locks into place and does not come out every time the goal is moved or a football hits it.

Types of corner mouldings used on plastic goalposts corners are shown below. The one on the left is our own moulding the one in the middle is much smaller and is from the imported goal supplied by Smyths toy shop. You can see how much stronger ITSA GOAL post brackets are… they never break.

Goal net supports that do not crease and break

Negative advertising is not something we like to do however many of our customers have told us that they have wasted a lot of money on other plastic goals before they find out about our football goals. These photographs attempt to show the differences and the design flaws we see in other products to help others not to invest in products that do not look good and can cost a fortune in spare nets & parts to maintain.

Those that use football goals every week tell us that our plastic and alloy goal posts perform better, have straighter crossbars, and have longer-lasting nets. Why not see what they say before you buy your next football goal.

All the photographs shown above in this section are of Plastic football goals in use around the U.K. and taken over a long period of time. It is interesting to see what goals look like after the staged sales photograph.

ITSA GOAL were the world’s very first manufacturers of safe plastic goals for children. The goals have stood the test of time and with proper locking net supports, straighter crossbars and proper net fitting they are recognized as the leader in the field. See what our customers say. (customer feedback)