Goal Post Net Fixings

Goal Post Net Fixings

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    Goalpost Net Fixings

    Net Clips for Goalposts

    Goalpost Net Clips Fasclips

    Goal Spare Parts – Ground Pegs

    A safer longer-lasting alternative to metal ground pegs

    Aluminium Goal Net Clips – Slot Net Fixing

    Goalpost Slot Net Fixing – Designed for Itsa Goal aluminium goalposts.

    Goalpost Arrowhead Net Fixing – Nylon For Metal Goalposts

    This net fixing can be fitted to any goalposts, drill and push to lock in place – no threading required.

    Stadium Goal – Folding net retainer

    Allows the net to be quickly lifted to allow grounds maintenance.

    Goal net ground pegs in steel

    Electro-plated long lasting steel ground pegs that are ideal to fasten down goal post netting on hard grounds. Sold in packs of ten.

    Goal Post Net Fixing Fasclips

    Fast clips enable goalpost nets to be pulled around the front of the posts and fastened to the net at the back. Ideal when no net fixings are supplied on goal posts.

    Goal Post Net Hooks ITSA GOAL Arrow Net Fixings – polypropylene for plastic goals

    The fastest way to attach nets before a game. The fastest way of removing nets after a game The Neatest way of fixing behind the posts. All the benefits of rear net fixing with total safety.

    Goal Post Net Ties

    These releasable net ties allow you to neatly fasten nets to goal posts. A patented fixing arrangement enables the tie to stay secured in the same place to the goal net head cords yet release from the goal frame.Prevents fraying along back of goal

ITSA Goal Post, the leading innovators in football goalpost design.
The originators of the first mini soccer goals. Manufacturers in the UK since 1990.
Made in Sheffield, the home of football.

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