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Before the introduction of plastic children’s football goals by our company, it was “Jumpers for goal posts”. All who played in those games will remember the many squabbles that took place with every shot that was within inches of the jumper come goalpost. When a young lad decided to make the very first 12’x 6’ Mini Soccer Goal from wood and pea netting in 1959 he did not realise that this would eventually change the way football would be played by future children around the world.

The first children’s 12’x 6’ plastic goals in carrying bags were manufactured by that same youngster in 1989 and the rest is history. The portable PVC goals were easy to assemble, lightweight yet strong, virtually impossible to knock over and light enough to carry around.

Welcomed by the English Football Association they were approved to launch small-sided games for children where the introduction of proportional goal posts and pitches allowed more touches of the football for everyone. The small sided game introduced and encouraged girls to take up the game at a younger age which led to an explosion of girls and ladies football.

An invitation to F.I.F.A. soon followed and our children’s goal post Goal was subsequently approved by the world’s governing body The Federation de-International de-Football Association.

A whole new manufacturing industry producing low-cost safer children’s goalposts has subsequently been created around this original innovative idea. They say imitation is the best form of flattery and although numerous copies of our concept have been made none have bettered those original football goals we made.

The brand name we adopted is a tribute to the first legendary football commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme who said after the first ever televised BBC “Match of the Day” goal ( scored by Roger Hunt of Liverpool in 1964) “It’s a Goal” The company was formed in 1989 when the small sided game for children “Mini Soccer” was created and the first plastic goal in a bag was invented by our company. Many copies of the original concept of a goal post in a bag have been made but none surpass the speed of installation, the strength, the quality and the longevity of our football goals.

The biggest brand in the world “Coca-Cola “chose our original plastic goals for a unique scheme directed at helping introduce young children to the small sided game. The promotion “The Big Red Bag” was a collaboration with the Football Association aimed at developing the game in schools and junior grass roots football. The equipment provided a complete football pitch in a bag that included two football goals, proportional smaller footballs, corner flags, pitch markers, and players coloured bibs. This low cost easy to use training aid helped increase the participation in kid’s football.

Driving Industry Standards

Based in Sheffield “The home of Football” we are a highly respected company renowned for innovative football goal design. As a founding member of the CEN European goal posts safety committee we have, and still do, lead the way in football goal post safety. The company has had more registered goal post designs and patents than any other company in the industry. We strive for safer and better performance as prerequisites in goal post design. All our football goals are fully accredited, impeccably made and have a safety record second to none. We never compromise on safety.

Goalpost Innovation

The company manufactures two ranges of plastic goals, a range of fixed position anti-vandal steel goals and aluminium stadium goals, light aluminium freestanding and folding football goals. We also make goal posts for other sports including, goalball, hockey, and Rugby.

Steel Fixed Position Goals

We only manufacture fixed position steel goals designed specifically for local authorities and clubs who have football goals in isolated or open locations. These patented steel goal posts are lockable; they are safer than goals relying on bolts and offer total security.

Aluminium Fixed Position Goals

Full-size stadium football goals to lighter Junior football posts all made to conform to the recent changes introduced by F.I.F.A. to “Law one of the Game “. Our aluminium goalposts differ from others in that they are patented and do not require nuts & bolts to hold them together. The crossbar simply drops onto the uprights and is locked in place by a turn of a key. The posts also incorporate a system to lock the uprights in place for goal line technology and locking socket caps for when they are removed. The first ever self-tensioning rear net supports posts are the next innovation and will be introduced later this year. These goalposts also include new twist & lock net fixings to secure the net quickly yet firmly in place.

Aluminium Free Standing Goalposts

Unlike other manufacturers, we refuse to supply heavy dangerous steel free standing goalposts and only offer lightweight aluminium movable frames. Movable football goals need to be transported around safely and that is why we have designed light yet strong and easy to use freestanding goals. The unique patented system used on our football goals alleviates expansion problems seen on other competitor’s products that rely on nuts & bolts to hold them together.

Aluminium Folding Goals

Our patented folding goals are one of our most popular football goals in the junior game. A folding goal that is fast and easy to move into position on match days and takes up half the space of other folding goal posts when stored away. With locking sides they are secure both in play and when in storage. These goals save hours and reduce the workload of club volunteers.

Football Goal wheel systems

We offer different types of goalpost wheel systems to easily and safely manoeuvre football goals around. They include goal transporters, dollies, rear roller systems and goal posts with wheels permanently attached.

Plastic Football Goals

Two ranges of plastic goals are on offer, the professional ITSA GOAL with net fixings & push button post fixings which are ideal when goals are to be taken down after each game and stored away. These are used by the premier League in the national “Kicks Cup” competition. For use in the garden at home, we make a lower cost push fit FOOTIE GOAL which is great when goals are left in position with the net attached. Both are highly rated and outperform any other Far East imported goals or Samba Goals and offer longer guarantees.


The company is a small family business that prides itself on providing the best products, the best service and the largest selection of safe football goals in the industry. We sell direct to end users through our own numerous web and social media sites and this allows us not to rely on third party distributors. This approach allows us to miss “the middle man” out and put the savings back into product innovation enabling us to offer better quality, longer lasting and easier to use products for our customers. Our main e-commerce websites is for the best goalpost prices. We also have an associate company for all your team needs.

We are looking to expand sales into footballing nations around the world by setting up overseas manufacturing licenses to reduce the environmental impact of exporting. Licensees of the brand can extrude the longer lengths of tube required to manufacture our goal posts and we ship out the smaller components including nets to allow localised manufacture in any new market. A big part of the business is the continual replacement of poorly designed products that are just not up to the job.
The company has supplied goalposts to U.E.F.A, The Northern Ireland Football Association, The Football Association, The Football Foundation, numerous professional clubs such as Barcelona and Arsenal F.C. and various F.I.F.A. national associations including the Kyrgyzstan Football Association. We have also supplied the England Beach Soccer World Cup, and the ITV Fever Pitch event held in Manchester. Our goals are also used every Saturday morning on the sky’s “Soccer am”.

The introduction of the “Mini Soccer “ concept of smaller sides, smaller proportional goals, smaller footballs and more touches for kids revolutionised the game. The Football Association and F.I.F.A. at the time approved the concept and our safer plastic goals for kids. The company has supplied thousands of safe plastic and aluminium goals over the years for kids to enjoy. A remarkable fact is that in three decades of football goalpost manufacture the company has had the best and most detailed feedback and reviews in the industry. See what our customers have to say.

Other Products

We do not just make goal posts we manufacture and install other sporting equipment including Mini Soccer Arenas and pitch-side barriers. Our latest product is a solid plastic pitch barrier that uses safer plastic posts and slot in plastic fence panels. This brand new system was developed after recent serious injuries and fatalities with old steel and concrete football pitch spectator barriers. New products under current development are portable junior floodlights, self-tensioning net supports, pitch side team shelters, new style folding hockey goals, and new wheel systems for movable goal posts that, unlike others, do not buckle over.

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