9v9 Goals

9v9 Goals

9v9 Football Goals from ITSA Goal for youth football are the most popular goals in use at junior football clubs up and down the country. We manufacture the strongest uPVC 16’x7′ portable goal in the UK designed to fit in a bag (optional) after use for storgae and transportation.

Our range of Self Build aluminium goalposts have been introduced into the range to compete against heavy steel freestanding goalposts, which we consider dangerous. The aluminium goals offer a lighter and easier to use aluminium freestanding goalpost at an affordable price and will hopefully prevent the proliferation of these heavy steel goalposts. (see goalpost safety)

A large range of more expensive aluminium elliptical goalposts are also available that include fold flat goals and movable freestanding goals for use on artificial grass. The wheel systems available for ITSA Goal posts make moving goalposts easier than any other free standing moveable goalpost. Unlike other goalposts wheels on ITSA goal posts do not buckle over as seen on every other wheeled goalpost.

  1. 1
    uPVC 16′ x 7′ Goalposts

    9 v 9 Goalposts uPVC -16’x7′ Youth Footie Goal

    Top quality uPVC 16’x7′ – 4.8m x 2.1m Youth Goal. The best upvc 16ft x 7ft goalpost in the UK.

  2. 2
    Aluminium Socketed Goalposts 16′ x 7′

    Aluminium socketed Goal – Lockable Youth Stadium elliptical – 16′ x 7′

    Top Quality professional 120mm x 100mm aluminum elliptical 16’x 7′ youth stadium goalpost.

  3. 3
    Anti-theft & Steel Socketed Goalposts 16′ x 7′

    Anti-Vandal Anti-Theft Socketed Steel Goalpost 16’x7′ for 9V9 Games

    The only Anti Theft goal available – Market leading safety and Innovation in goal post design.

  4. 4
    Freestanding & Folding Goalposts 16′ x 7′

    Rollaway Aluminium Goal Post 16’x7′ – Designed for Grass Surfaces

    Rollaway Aluminium Goal Post 16’x7′ is manufactured in professional 120x100mm aluminium.

    Folding Aluminium Goal Post – Locking Elliptical Folding 16′ X 7′

    Professional Folding aluminium 9V9 goal. The best Folding Aluminium goal post for easier transportation and storage.

    Fixed sided freestanding goalpost for 9v9 Junior Football 16 x 7

    Strong elliptical alluminim goal ideal in situations where goals are left assembled in secure grounds on artificial or grass surfaces.

    Aluminium Self-Build Goal 16′ x 7

    An affordabe aluminium 9v9 goal ideal for matches, true straight crossbars and proper ball rebound.

    16’x7′ Goal Post Aluminium Portable – will fit into carry bag

    A versitile goal that can be packed in a bag for transportation after the game – ideal for tournaments in differing locations.

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    Aluminium Goalposts Flat Pack 16′ x 7′

    9v9 Goals, Aluminum Goalpost, flat pack 16×7

    Professional Aluminum 9v9 goalpost

    Aluminium Self-Build Goal 16′ x 7

    An affordabe aluminium 9v9 goal ideal for matches, true straight crossbars and proper ball rebound.