Folding Goals 3m x 2m Lightweight Aluminium Goal Post

Folding 3m x 2m Lightweight
Aluminium Goal Post

Safe, strong, fully welded  easiest to use Folding 3m x 2m Lightweight Aluminium Goal Post with a smaller 1.5m run back. Manufactured in strong 80mm aluminium. These Futsal goalposts are made from lightweight aluminium rust free posts with fully welded side frames with no steel. There are  No finger and ankle entrapment areas on the goals. Patented lockable side frames The goals can be stored completely flat against a wall. Goalposts can be stored flat and lifted onto wall brackets. Much lighter and safer than Futsal goals with heavy steel rear net support tubes.

This folding Futsal goalpost is a patented ITSA GOAL post that locks into the play position and can be locked flat when not in use preventing unauthorised use. Goalpost nets can be removed easily or if required they may be  left attached to the frame when being stored. Goalpost nets are not tied or clipped to the goal post but are secured neatly to the rear of the posts.

Optional : Counter balance weights – that can be used integrally or externally
Safer the heavy steel freestanding versions.
Goalpost nets can be removed or left attached to the frames.
European & USA Patent GB 2423260
Registered Design 5000197 5000198 5000199

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