Football Coaching

Football coaching help for Junior football club volunteers to encourage enthusiasm, flair and creative innovation in young footballers.

We want to see footballing talent and skill encouraged and brought once again to the fore front. Children need  to master the basic skills, how to control a ball, how to shoot, how to pass a ball accurately and how to go past other players with the ball. We believe in encouraging the coaching of basic skills at an early age above winning at all costs . Better skills  lead to improved players…..better players score more goals and  scoring more goals inevitably wins more games. Good players in good teams not only win, they win in style.

Let us know your ideas on coaching using ITSA GOAL Posts..we welcome feedback, photographs, and videos.

Football Guide – Managers Match Day Responsibilitiesitsa-goal-posts-managers-responsibilities-image-large


Football coaching sessions should have safe football equipment, safe goals, be fun, interesting, innovative, creative and informative – are yours?

Football Coaching Guides



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