uPVC plastic goal posts

uPVC plastic goal posts


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    uPVC Goal Posts
    Goalpost Net support brackets – aluminium tube SET OF TWO FOR ONE GOAL

    Goal post net supports ‘D’ shapedin tubular aluminium for use with ITSA GOAL aluminium 115mmx100mm oval socketed goalposts.

    Goal post Rear Ground Anchor

    Includes 1 rear ground anchor and 2 ref ground pegs, pegs not shown on photogtaph

    uPVC Goal post corner Corner bracket

    uPVC Goal post corner Corner brackets are for use with the ITSAGOAL & FOOTIEGOAL uPVC goals.

    Plastic Stanchion Elbow

    Plastic stanchion elbow connects the top horizontal stanchion section to the slopig back stanchion on uPVC goals.

    Goal post Lower Back Stanchion Connector

    This part is used to connect the rear net support stanchions to the multi surface ground frame on the ITSA GOAL uPVC goals.

    Goal post corner bracket spigots

    These goal post corner spigots are inserted into the Corner Bracket on the ITSA GOAL uPVC goal

    Goal Net Stanchion tube straight connector

    This part connects the rear 40mm Diameter sloping back stanchions

    Spectator barrier /spare part / “T” Bracket

    For use with uPVC gaelic goals

    Goalpost Small Release Buttons

    The buttons are made in strong indestructible black

    Goalpost Quick Release Buttons

    Quick release locking buttons used on the uPVC ITSA GOAL products.