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When looking to purchase Plastic Goal Posts there are now numerous copies of our original plastic goals. All cut corners on design and many are imported from China. These products can never match the warranty that our quality engineered plastic goals offer.

”Just bought another set of goal posts from ITSA goal. Fantastic quality easy to put together buying two more sets of 12×6 plastic Goals then we will finally get rid of our old Samba goals. Been buying now from ITSA GOAL for five years…. great service.”

Which Plastic Goal Posts to choose ?  customers that have used plastic goals like the one above have all stated how much better they find ITSA Goal posts are than other branded plastic goals. (see reviews) As we were the very first plastic goalpost manufacturer we have been asked many times over the years “what is the main difference between Samba Goals and ITSA Goal posts” The answer is that in our opinion they are better engineered, enable faster installation, have thicker longer lasting nets, extended warranty and this sets us apart from the rest.

After creating Mini Soccer for children and the first safe plastic football goals it was only a matter of time before copies of our concept would inevitably start to appear. The first of these was Samba Goals and latterly a brand we have been asked to no longer show that starts with “F and ends with A”. ITSA Goal posts have now been in use for many years in gardens and junior clubs around the UK which has led to a huge reduction in serious football-related goalpost accidents. Every budding soccer star needs a safe quality football goal and there is nothing quite like using proper realistic goal posts to really enthuse children. The better they look the more likely children will enjoy playing football.
We try to highlight the main differences between plastic goals in the hope buyers will not be misled by unjustified claims. We do not use paid review companies as they have been shown recently to have been including false reviews. Our customer feedback, on the other hand, is genuine and detailed. That may be why we have more five star rated reviews than any other plastic goal.
Prices between all the leading brands are very similar but the engineering, the innovation, the net fitting, and the longevity are miles apart. If you buy an ITSA GOAL post it will last if you buy any other plastic goal post it may well cost a fortune in spare parts or end up in a landfill site. Like many cheap products these days Made in China & buried in Britain”.

What are the main differences between plastic goals?

The longest supplier of popular plastic goals in the UK is ITSA Goal. The main difference, between our plastic goals and others is that they all have unsecured net supports just pushed into holes on the corner bracket whereas we have net supports secured to the crossbar corner brackets. This simple design feature ensures the goalpost frame is stronger and more secure during play and when the goal is moved around. The net support tubes stay in place and do not pop out when footballs hit them.
The other striking difference is the way the goal net is fitted to the posts. Other children’s plastic and metal goalposts clip nets around the posts. The problem with this net fitting system is that it tends to look unprofessional, the net pulls the crossbar down and along the ground, the net is pulled under the frame and frays.
In comparison, the ITSA GOAL posts all have unique arrowhead net fixings to the rear of the posts that allow nets to be quickly lifted on and off after use.

The image below shows the difference between the corner brackets. Our Itsa Goal corner bracket is on the left…the Striker goal supplied by Smyth’s is in the middle and a samba goal corner brackets is right.  The image of the samba goal also shows the large holes in the corner bracket where the back net support tubes spragg in place, in contrast the ITSAGOAL corner on the left has a separate spigot that is designed to lock in, it is specially strengthened internally and the net support is designed to lock in place over the spigot so the back net supports stay firmly in place


plastic goals

What warranty do plastic goals have?

All offer the statutory twelve months guarantee however ITSA GOAL offer an unmatched three-year guarantee on plastic goals. Others just cannot match that, and it shows the gulf between the engineering quality of our plastic goals and others. Other brands imply their goals last but do not back it up with longer guarantees as we do.


Which plastic goal post are the strongest?

The Itsa Goal Plastic goalpost corner bracket has been measured to have a 300% thicker wall than all other uPVC goalposts available.


Goal Post Corner Brackets




What are the benefits of buying garden football goals?

Garden football goals are a great way to encourage kids outdoors, away from computer games, to engage physical activity that will keep them fit and offer a lifetime passion.
Football goals for the garden are available in a range of sizes, from very small mini-goals, right up to full-size goals for teenagers and dads. Whatever space you have, be it a large garden or a small garden then good quality British made football goals are available for children from ITSA goal.
A set of goal posts enables children to play and practice whenever they want. They can experiment, imitate their heroes and create individualism skills without the need for any coach barking out orders. Some garden goals are flimsy and poorly made however for a similar amount of money longer lasting and better-performing goals are available from us. I am amazed why anyone would want to buy or put up with a plastic football goal with a dipping crossbar. European Goalpost standards state crossbars must not dip more than eight millimeters. ITSA plastic goal posts meet the crossbar regulations and as we say if you want to distinguish between ITSA Goal posts and other plastic goals in Junior football just look at the crossbars.


Where did the Mini Soccer concept come from?

The first mini soccer garden goals were made way back in 1959 when the first 12’x6′ football goal was constructed from wood and pea netting by our company chairman. Mini Soccer was born. Some years later a new junior football market was created by our company and for the first-time girls were able to play the game at primary school. This opened the floodgates as more and more girls were introduced to football. Women’s football has now developed substantially in the U.K. and around the world from those early days.28

Unbiased information

The information on football goals offered by us is always unbiased because that is the way we operate. It is understandable and a little easier for us to make comment as we make better goalposts. Buyers always find our information helpful and we never try to pressure sell, we do not need to as our goalposts are always in demand.

What are the advantages of PVC football goals?

Football goals made from high impact UV stabilized uPVC are popular because they are safe, lightweight, durable and strong. All age groups can be accommodated, and our garden goals offer extensions to increase the size of the goal as children grow.
The only other option for gardens is lightweight flimsy steel goalposts which we would not recommend as the nets do not last, and they will rust. These are toys and made in China with very low-quality goal nets. (some do not last the day).
If you read customer feedback on websites like Argos, Tesco and Amazon you will see what others say about such goals. I am amazed that they still sell them with the feedback recorded.(some are shown on )
Far East products may also be using reground plastic, and anything can be mixed in with this including toxic material. It is always best to spend a little more and buy plastic goalposts that are made from virgin plastic with UV stabilization, high impact strength and a longer recyclable life.

Are plastic goalposts easy to assemble?

Normally they slot together with ease and are straightforward to assemble.
Some plastic goals are easier to assemble than others, but the guiding rule is the fewer sections the goal has the quicker it can be put up. Net fitting is the laborious part of any goal installation. All other plastic goals other than ITSA GOAL posts rely on nets being clipped around the posts which is time consuming and does not look as professional.
This method of net fitting pulls crossbars down accentuating the dip and as the nets are wrapped underneath the posts on the ground they fray very quickly. This is not the case on our football goals as the nets are fitted to neat net fixings on the rear of the posts and ground base to keep nets off the ground, that’s why they last longer.
Most plastic goals offer the option of carrying bags, so this type of football goal is ideal if you need to use in different locations. The point to consider is, the smaller the bag the more post sections needed the longer it takes to erect the goalposts. As most clubs now store football goals on site these are becoming less popular.


FOOTIE GOALS or ITSA GOAL what’s the difference?

Footie goals are a budget version of the club ITSA Goal posts. Both football goals use high impact uPVC and are “Made in Sheffield” the home of football. Both use the same strong mouldings, virgin PVC tube and top-quality goal nets. They look similar however the FOOTIE GOALS are less expensive as they do not have arrowhead net fixings attached to the rear of the posts or locking buttons. They do however have secured net supports.
The nets are normally attached to the goal posts with ties and not taken off after play. Ideal for gardens where goalposts are left erected.
The ITSA GOAL post in comparison has all the posts drilled for net fixings and locking post buttons. They are designed specifically for Junior football clubs.
Users tell us they are much better than Samba type goals and are quicker and easier to install and use
If buyers feel they may have been misled by any sales information they have thirty days to return the goals. This may include misleading pictures showing straight crossbars when they are bent, goalposts that state they conform to standards when they do not and goalposts that state they are fully locking when they are not.

John Wilson,

Technical Director ITSA GOAL

These comments reflect my own opinions gathered from over sixty years of involvement in goalpost innovation. If you need help with regard to any goal posts, please contact me on 07974745768 at any time


ITSA Goal Post, the leading innovators in football goalpost design.
The originators of the first mini soccer goals. Manufacturers in the UK since 1990.
and Made in Sheffield, the home of football.

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