Goal Post Wheels

Goal Post Wheels (Goalpost Accessories)

We offer a range of football goal post wheels. Take a look:

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    Goalpost Wheels & Transporters

    Goal Post Transporter

    Goal Post Transporters – The only steerable system – Exclusive to ITSA Goal
    These goal transporters are to be used in conjunction with ITSAGOAL elliptical aluminium freestanding and folding aluminium goal posts only.
    They are purpose designed to make moving your goalpost easier and to save time on match days setting up and also storing goal posts.

    Football Goal Dollies – for Moving free-standing goalposts

    A Wheeled transporter to easily move goal posts around muddy sports fields without rutting or damaging turf. You need at least two dollies to move goal posts around on your site without the need of expensive wheels on every set of Goal posts. We recommend three sets to move larger adult freestanding goalposts.

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Goal Post Wheels - Goal post accessories