Goal Nets

ITSA Goal posts are supplied with goal nets and spare replacement nets are available.

ITSA Goal manufactures the best range of goal posts in the UK. The goal nets are manufactured in top quality high-density white polyethylene knotted cord for maximum durability.  The goal net includes a professional top run back as required for affiliated football matches and the nets include a roof net cord to enable the goal net to be tied back providing a professional finish.

These nets have a high-quality braided edge cord and net head cord. The Precise mesh size of 100mm square guarantees a high shock absorption capacity and reduced displacement resulting in longer lasting nets. These nets are knotted to allow easy repair unlike some other nets available. This product is also machine washable for that whiter than white match day effect. This product surpasses all BSEN entrapment legislation requirements and conforms to BSEN 748, making it suitable for match play and league use.

Goal nets from the leader in Goalpost manufacture in the UK

For any help with goals and nets  please call the GOAL LINE 01142424244. The full range of goal nets are available onlin from soccertackle.com

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    Goal Nets

    Stadium Goal Post – Box Shaped Net – Single Net

    Quality hard wearing U.V. stabilized Box Shaped Net.

    Goalpost net 16’x7′

    Extra durable polypropylene twine football netting to last longer than equivalent nets.

    GOAL NET – 12’x6′ (3.6×1.8m)

    12’x6′ Standard shaped nets made from high density 2.5mm thick white polyethylene cord (Knotted & braided) for maximum durability.

    GOAL NET – 12’x4′ (3.6×1.2m)

    12’x4′ Standard shaped goal nets made from high density 2.5mm thick white polyethylene cord (Knotted & braided) for maximum durability.

    Goal Net 8’x6′

    These nets have a high quality braided edge cord and net head cord (to hold the roof of the net aloft).

    Goal Post Net size 8’x4′ goal

    2.4M x 1.2M (8’x4′) Shaped net made from high density 2.5 mm thick white polyethylene nylon cord for maximum durability in a hard wearing net meshes.

    GOAL NET – Futsal 3m x 2m

    Top quailty 3m x 2m 3mm net twine Futsal net – Knotted machine made twine

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    Goalpost Net Fixings & Accessories

    Goal Net Fixing for the Ground Frame

    Ground frame net fiximngs.

    Aluminium Goal Recessed Net Fixings – Fits channel

    Aluminium Goal Recessed Net Fixings to fit double channel aluminum – conforming to the latest F.I.FA specifications.

    Goal Post Net Fixing

    Easy to use, easy to fit, safe Arrowhead Net fixings.

    Stadium Goal – Folding net retainer

    Allows the net to be quickly lifted to allow grounds maintenance.

    Arrowhead Goal Net Fixings – black nylon

    Goal net fixings in black nylon used on steel fixed position ITSA Goal posts

    Goal net ground pegs in steel

    Electro-plated long lasting steel ground pegs that are ideal to fasten down goal post netting on hard grounds. Sold in packs of ten.

    Plastic ITSA GOAL Arrow Head Net Fixings – Pack of 20

    The original Arrowhead net fitting invented by ITSA GOAL. Easy to install, no thread required so, no need to tap the hole.

    Aluminium goal post net fixings – Twist & Lock

    ITSA GOAL Twist and lock net fixings allow speedy net attachment and removal. These net fixings will fit Oval 115mm x 100mm Oval socketed and freestanding aluminium football goals.

    Goal Post Net Fixing Fasclips

    Fast clips enable goalpost nets to be pulled around the front of the posts and fastened to the net at the back. Ideal when no net fixings are supplied on goal posts.

    Goal Post Net Hooks ITSA GOAL Arrowhead Fixings -Pack of 50

    The fastest way to attach nets before a game. The fastest way of removing nets after a game The Neatest way of fixing behind the posts. All the benefits of rear net fixing with total safety.

For a full range of Football Goalposts with goal nets click here.