7v7 Goals

7v7 Goals with the longest goalpost guarantees 

ITSA Goal manufactures the best range of 7v7 goals. These football goalposts come with top quality white braided nets.  We also offer a budget range of  football goals branded Footie Goals. These come with ground bases and we also offer a more competitive range without ground bases that have unique ground anchors that ensure the goals stay firmly anchored in place. We also offer a range of ITSA Goal branded 7v7 goals that are more suited for club use. All our goals include strong reinforced polypropylene corner brackets with proper locking stanchion supports – Our net support do not just pop in holes as seen on other plastic goalposts. Before you buy read the product reviews….not the quick service reviews the guarantees explaining the product…A goalposts is one product that needs to be strong and hold together.

For any help in choosing the right goalposts please call the GOAL LINE 0114 242 4244

See a list below of the different types of 7v7 goalposts we offer.

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    7v7 uPVC Goals

    Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goalpost Size 6’x4′

    Folding Garden Goals – easy to set up for quick play

    Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goal Size 8’x6′

    Fast, Safe, Easy to store children’s folding goal.

    Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goal Size 12’x6′

    Strong Fast Start Quick mini soccer folding plastic goals.

    Garden goal post 12×6

    Best garden goal design for use on grass surfaces – ideal for the garden. Fewer goalpost sections so the goal is one of the fastest to assemble on grass surfaces.

    Mini Soccer Goal Post uPVC 12’x6′ – single section crossbar

    This Match standard football Goal was designed and approved for mini soccer and conforms to the British standard BS 8462:2012 and is without doubt the best uPVC Mini Soccer goal available in the U.K

    Mini Soccer Goal 12′ x 6′ – Multi-Surface – Two Section Crossbar – Fits Into 2m Goal Bag

    Multi surface Mini Soccer Goal 12′ x 6′ with a two section crossbar and ground back bar, enabling the goal to fit into our 2m carry bag. Less sections than a three section crossbar version goal so faster to assemble.

    uPVC Mini Soccer Goal 12′ x 6′ – fits into 1.5m goal bag

    12′ x 6′ match standard goal complies with all relevant British Standards. Suitable for league use, FA recommended size for mini soccer. Three years guarantee*

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    7v7 Aluminium Socketed Goals

    Aluminium Goal Posts / Mini-Soccer Goal / fixed position

    Football Goalposts manufactured in durable elliptical aluminium that is easier to use, are lighter in weight and therefore safer than heavier steel goals.

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    7v7 Steel Socketed Goals

    Mini Soccer Steel Goalpost 12’x6′ (nut and bolt version)

    Made in 76mm Dia steel. A standard design using nuts and bolt with the posts simply dropped into the ground sockets

    Steel Anti-Vandal 7v7 football Goals

    Anti theft goal for exposed public areas.

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    7v7 Steel Freestanding & Folding Goals

    Folding Goal for Quick Play – Goal Size 12’x6′

    Strong Fast Start Quick mini soccer folding plastic goals.

    Self Weighted Rollaway Goal – Mini soccer 12×6

    Self weighted roller goals designed and more suited for artificial surfaces.

    Mini Soccer Rollaway Goal – elliptical aluminium designed for Grass Surfaces

    Roller goal post designed for grass surfaces with multi surface ground anchors.

    Aluminum Goal Post / 12′ X 6′ Mini Soccer Goal / Folding Goals

    An innovative Folding free standing mini soccer professional goal post.

    Aluminum Football Goal Post – Mini Soccer Goal 12’x6′ – Flat pack

    This aluminium football goal post was designed and approved for mini soccer and conforms to the British standard BS 8462:2012.

    Aluminium Goals / Eliptical Freestanding Mini Soccer 12×6

    Free standing demountable professional goal post that is light and easy to move around

    Goal Post Folding Mini Soccer 12′ x 6′ Lightweight & Lockable Football Goal

    The safest, lightest,strongest and easiest to use folding Mini Soccer goal in the UK,

    Freestanding Aluminium Mini Soccer Goals 12 ‘x 6’

    One of the strongest and safest free-standing lightweight children’s Mini-Soccer goals available in the UK.