Fast Start Quick Goals

Want to be able to play faster on match days?

We offer the fastest installation aluminium folding goalposts and PVC Fast Start Quick Goals that can be assembled in forty seconds.

  1. Fast Start Goals

    9 v 9 Goalposts uPVC -16’x7′ Youth Footie Goal

    Top quality uPVC 16’x7′ – 4.8m x 2.1m Youth Goal. The best upvc 16ft x 7ft goalpost in the UK.

We also offer standard uPVC Goals and the timed video at the bottom of the page shows how easily these plastic goals can be installed and moved onto your pitch. It is noticeable others claim fast goal post installation yet do not show timed videos as we do.

Our standard plastic football goals have for many years always been the fastest to assemble as the video below shows. The larger plastic football goals we supply that are used in Mini soccer and 9 v 9 football go up quicker, have straighter crossbars, use sturdier sections, do not need nets clipping on to posts, no wonder these football goals are quicker to set up. Net supports are secured to the goal frame and do not pop out of the locating holes, as with all other plastic football goalposts, when goals are moved or footballs hit them. Take a closer look at how the net supports fit the back of our plastic football goals and how others just push them into a hole unsecured. All the goal posts we make have nets neatly fitted to the rear of the posts that lift on and off with ease or can be left attached; no clipping of nets around the posts and no Velcro to become clogged with mud. With specially reinforced corner brackets, braided white goal nets that last longer and an unmatched two-year warranty our goal posts are hard to beat.

Our company also offer folding aluminium football goals that go up even quicker than these plastic goals. These folding goals are the quickest football goals to move to pitch side and set up. They are stronger, require hardly any maintenance and are rustproof. View the products below and read the detailed customer reviews sent in over many years or call our GOAL LINE 0114 2424244 for help and guidance to find out which goals are best for your club.

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folding goialposts

The Fast Start Quick Play Goal has folding side frames, so the goal is easy to lift into position fold-out attach the back bar and ground anchors and then you’re ready to start.

“The standard uPVC ITSA GOAL on match days. the side frames have the nets left attached so all you need to do is attach the crossbars and back bars to begin the game. ”