Rollaway Aluminium Goal Post 16’x7′ – Designed for Grass Surfaces

Rollaway Aluminium Goal Post 16’x7′

Rollaway Aluminium Goal Post 16’x7′, a movable roller goal posts designed for use on grass that are anchored in pace once in position for play. An easier football goal post  to move around  on grass compared to self weighted roller goals with heavy rear ground frame.

The goalposts have fully welded, rust proof frames with fixed roller wheels positioned on the rear ground frame. Multi-surface ground anchors secure the goal post from toppling forward in use. Counterbalance weights can be also used on these free standing goalposts when used on artificial grass surfaces. A unique innovative design with wheels permanently at the back of the goals out of the play area that enable goals to be moved around on the heaviest of grass pitches.

Free standing goalposts that are easy to move into position and ideal to store fully assembled. The most versatile free standing  football goals available for academy football as they do not have  wheels located on the side frames that  buckler making goalposts difficult to move around and often unusable. The rollaway aluminium goal post has uprights and crossbars  made from professional 120mm x 100mm elliptical  extrusion.

Each goal post includes a top quality white net that is secured to the rear of the posts with recessed twist & lock net fixings. The goals are totally rust proof and conform to he current  British  Safety Standard BS 8462:2012.

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