Inflatable Goals

Don’t even consider an inflatable goal!

As a respected goal post supplier we consider inflatable goals  to be toys and we do not offer these to our customers. We have always questioned how they can freely support the weights on strength tests required on the safety standards when goalkeepers can pull the crossbar down with one hand to let footballs fly over the top. Inflatable goals are unsuitable for competitive football matches at any level. We advise customers to not waste money on such products and invest in  stronger easier to use plastic goals. The faster installation claims of inflatable goals are miss leading as the our timed installation video shows. Our own experience indicates that by the time the pump is out of the bag, the inflatable football goal is unfolded (usually covered in mud) and the pump is finally connected our free-standing football goals are up and in use.  Inflatable and tape goal posts are made in the Far East and therefore they are less environmentally friendly. When the net tears or a major puncture occurs on these products the whole goal needs to be thrown away. The plastic pump used to blow up the football goal has a  limited life and the current replacement cost  is more than the cost  to buy a brand new plastic goal post. This type of football goal is not really a goal at all as  it offers no rebound of the ball back into play. We strongly recommend users nit to waste money on such football goals.

Why we advise you not to use these types of football goal

They are very expensive in relation to good quality long lasting sports equipment. Uprights can be pulled inwards making the goal smaller as can crossbars. (If you have a goal mouth scramble then by just falling  back on these goals  it will collapse and the game will need to be stopped.  Inflatable Goals can become punctured (the best way to have a game called off when you are losing. (see customer comments about the embarrassing incidents they have experienced with inflatable football goals)

Footballs drop straight down dead without any rebound and unlike conventional goal posts uprights collapse inwards when struck by a hard shot from a football  thus changing the whole concept of the game. They are unstable in windy conditions ,and often deflate during the course of a game. As this type of goal needs to be laid out on the ground in the winter they collect all the mud which then is carted around everywhere on the goal and in the bag. As you can see from our comments and that of others we believe these goals should only ever be used as a toy or for  an informal kick about.  We except that these goals are safe, if not over inflated, but as a reputable goal post manufacturer we advise teams not to purchase such goals and to refuse to play against teams that provide them for any organized affiliated match. We can not understand why the Football Associations are not advising clubs in the same way we do. We respect that the final decision is down to you the customer …it is your money but highlighting pitfalls not evident  in persuasive  marketing we hope to  help customers make a more informed decision before parting with hard earned money. We advise to check with a user of the product before you buy or take up our offer to compare with our itsa goal  before you part with your money!

This shows these goals are still being sold which is amazing…that they are still selling them to unsuspecting football teams   This is a recent comment we have had from someone having to pump up the goals every week…… during matches !

A deflatable goal!, 1 Mar 2012
This review is from: I-goal Football Goal – White, 12 x 6 ft (Sports)
I would recommend consumers and Amazon avoid this product. I have ordered 2 and both have malfunctioned after the first inflation due to the substandard quality of the product. I also recommended the product to the local school I voluntarily coach soccer at, where at a home game both goals deflated due to several holes in the product. Imagine the children’s disappointment when the match had to be abandoned
From Woodie

This is a recent comment we have had from someone having to pump up the goals every week…… during matches !

“Would it be possible to send your latest brochure for me to pass onto my sons junior football team. Moorside Rangers, as I am fed up off standing behind the goals on match days pump in hand waiting to pump the nets back up.”  Joe Shryane

“We purchased the inflatable goals as they were suggested by the F.A. An absolute waste of money”  Stuart /A.F.C. Urmston –  Manchester

“Incidentally, I have just looked on the internet to see if Peter Shilton was still promoting/endorsing Igoals (which was one of the things that gave us initial confidence in buying the product which endured about four matches before the first of a great many embarrassing failures with both the goals themselves and the pumps” Andy Smith Henfield under eights

We have been informed by a number of  club officials who said they wasted money on these products that the original manufacturer and supplier of the   I-goal Brand of inflatable goals in the UK  may now have gone out of business and if that is the case then it is unlikely that any after sales or back up service will be offered for the goals they have sold.

Any Goalpost supplier worth his salt and who has knowledge of the game would never offer such products to their customers.  We recommend never to buy a tape or an inflatable goalpost.

Beware of  any Goal post company who just supply anything, without considering the customer, just to improve the bottom line.