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Goalpost reviews and genuine comments about actual goalposts used over time not just “one-liners” about service and quick delivery from paid review companies. We only publish genuine customer football Goalpost reviews sent directly to us.

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Goalpost reviews 5 stars

Goalpost reviews –  James Rotherham May 2020

“”Having bought cheaper options previously, we have come to realize that actually this is false economizing as they don’t last too long, and in the long run you will end up paying more for a substandard item. So we looked for a superior goal for our teenage sons, who have the most powerful kicks. This led us to do some considerable research and uncovering SoccerTackle. The price was a little daunting at first, but having done the research, called and spoke to Andrew, who was very helpful but also very honest, we decided the right way forward was to purchase from SoccerTackle. The goal comes with a two-year warranty, which is invaluable with the punishment my sons give the goalposts. Delivery was super quick, instructions super easy, build quality fantastic, looks great. You get what you pay for. ” Want to spend little, expect to replace often”. Spend a little more, you will not be disappointed. Also, great to buy from a British Company too.“ I hope this helps and gives your company the support it deserves. Best wishes – James Rotherham””
Goalpost review for the 12×6 Footie Goal -Upvc Match Goal –  Click here to view the product

Goalpost reviews 5 stars

Goalpost reviews –  Mr Gilbert May 2020

Reviewer: Carl Gilbert – UK 2020 – My apologies for not sending this sooner (it’s only been on my to-do list for the last two months!) but better late than never I guess. Firstly, I do hope this finds you well and you and your team are managing to weather the current ‘storm’. I really just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and advise you gave me regarding the correct goal for my son, he absolutely loves it and it’s proved to be a real godsend the past couple of months during these difficult times. Also, another big thank you for sending it out so quickly and in time for his birthday and for pre-assembling some of the parts making it so quick and easy to set up on the day – your customer service really is second to none! I’m so glad I purchased the 12′ goal over the 8′ as, despite my son being just seven years of age and quite small, he can comfortably ‘fly’ from one side of this thing to the other, quite to my astonishment and anything smaller really wouldn’t have been so much fun for him to practice his ‘keeping’ skills. On a personal note – I particularly love the perfectly straight (non-sagging) single piece crossbar – quite unique amongst all other goals in the marketplace at this price point, and I’m very grateful to you for offering me this option despite it not being part of your standard line for this goal. So, once again, thank you for the great product and great customer service – your company is truly the benchmark to which all others should strive to be like. I wish you continued success and hope you come out of this pandemic stronger than ever.
Goalpost review for the 12×6 Footie Goal – Upvc Match Goal –  Click here to view the product

Goalpost reviews 5 stars

Goalpost reviews – Steve Horner May 2014

Goalpost reviews – Garden goal birthday gift – If Carlsberg made football goals…….I don’t normally write reviews but felt given the level of personal service and the quality of the football goal I received, it was imperative that I did. I wanted a football goal for my son, aged 6. I did the usual research, others dad’s and the internet, as well as the high street stores and supermarkets. All sources came back with mixed reviews, faulty nets, goals that either collapsed, rusted or needed a degree in quantum physics to understand the instructions! I then found ITSA GOAL. I rang the number on the website and spoke to John Wilson, he could not have been more helpful, he listened and listened to my ever expanding needs, a personal service as it should be, no hard sell, just friendly advice on what to look for in a goal. In time honoured fashion I left it late to order for my son’s birthday so I rang the company and spoke to Jon Paul Wilson who was fantastic (personal service runs in the family) as although in the middle of stocktaking and closed, he organised and sent out the football goal which arrived the next day! The football goal is perfect, a late night construction and I am no DIY expert! Hey presto the chance to relive my youth, oh and of course a present for my son and heir! Study, solid and withstanding the great British weather!
Before you ask, no I am not related or work for ITSA GOAL posts I am just a dad who wanted a football goal in the garden for his son. An excellent product, superb company, as I said in the beginning if Carlsberg made football goals……….. this would be the place.

Goalpost reviews 5 stars

Barrett – South Yorkshire  September 2016

Goalpost reviews – Stage 1.
My son started to play football at a very early age, and for Christmas
2009, (age 3), I wanted to get him a set of goalposts. Safety and quality
were at the top of my requirements plus of cause budget. Having done my
usual in-depth research I stumbled on a local business called “It’s a
Goal”. I was lucky that being local, I could visit the offices and really
look closely at the product. During this experience, it was clear to see that the product was, yes more
expensive, but far superior in both make and safety to other brands such
as Samba Goals. The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about
their own product and the current market competition. I duly made my
purchase of my 8′ x 4′ ITSA GOAL, and the rest is history……

Goalpost reviews – Stage 2.
My son was loving his “Its a Goal”, and we shared hours of fun, practising
penalties and recreating goals we had seen on “Match of the Day”. I wanted
to further my sons understanding of the football game, and so 3 years on
we purchased our second set of 8’x4′ goal posts.T his went down a storm for my sons
6th Birthday Football Party. Ten kids having the game of their lives!!!!
After that perfect time, we used the goals as part of our training drills,
and highlighting the importance of attacking and defending skills in a
game. This has really assisted my sons development massively.

Goalpost reviews – Stage 3.
New upgrade…… Now my son is u10”s now, new ball (size4), so I thought
new Goal!!!! Back to “Its a Goal”. I purchased the 12′ x 6′ junior goal. Yes
it cost about £150.00 pounds but having had my experience with ””Its a
Goal” that isn”t in my opinion too expensive. The quality of the product is incredible.
The goals are left out in all weathers, and the only thing that I have had
to buy  is a replacement  net and some pegs for the goal. No twisting or
bending of the goal frame like Samba, easily cleaned and maintained, this
product is the best !!!!!! My son can now continue his development of
skills, and create some fantastic training drills with his three goal set up.
Hours and hours of fun, brilliant product, hassle free, great customer
service, and now the goal is bigger I may even score!!!!!!!!
Thank you for everything Georgina you and the team have been amazing.
Kind regards Barrett
September 2016.

Goalpost reviews 5 stars

Corinna – August -2016

8’x6′ Garden Goal – Footie Goal
Goalpost reviews – Really pleased with this product. It”s a great standard sturdy goal .It arrived promptly with instructions that were easy follow. After having the goal stored away for awhile we missed laid a small part. Customer services were fantastic and very helpful and send this parcel out
very quickly.  Very impressed with everything.

Goalpost reviews 5 stars

Alex Haste Plymouth – March 2010

12’x6′ uPVC Goal 
Goalpost reviews – ” The uPVC football goalposts are very very good and beat any Samba goal. We had six delivered to Plymouth and they have had many good comments from our customers, quoting how well they are made and at a very good price. ”

Goalpost reviews 5 stars

Richard July – 2016

Goalpost reviews – I’m very very pleased with your “fantastic “service and the quality of your 12 x 6′  ITSA GOAL Post.

Goalpost reviews 5 stars

Goalpost reviews – Darren – 2017

Goalpost reviews – Just received my 12’x6′ goal today, got to say how pleased I am with it. My son has had a few goals in his time and not one of them comes close to this one. The uPVC is as strong as can be, it fixes together nice and tight and the net is top quality. I nearly got a samba goal …I’m so glad I did not. If anyone is thinking of getting a football goal I would totally recommend this product. The customer service is brilliant and it turned up on time. A great big thank you to Georgina. Many thanks, Darren

Goalpost reviews 5 stars

Philip Stewart – June 2016

Goalpost reviews – I have to say your company ITSA Goal should be very proud of the service you provide to your customers. You do everything you say you’re going to do and go out of your way to make your customers like me very happy.
I would say it is an absolute pleasure dealing with your company. It’s all about the backup and after sales service that a lot of people don’t appreciate. You are top of the class at this. It means everything. Best Regards.

Football goalposts 5 stars

Goalpost reviews – Lauren Dyer – May 2016

Purchased 8′ x 4′ football nets for my son. Love’s them! Good quality, better than Samba Goals.

Football goalposts 5 stars

Richard Abbott – UK

An excellent company offering great quality products and fantastic customer service. Bought my son a 5 a side goal 6 years ago and it’s still like new after a lot of use and some very hard knocks. I had previously bought a cheaper goal from another company and it didn’t last the year. These goals are very strong and well made in Sheffield, so great to support British products. Very highly recommended.

Football goalposts 5 stars

 Claire Ewings – Premier League ” Kicks Cup” Organizer – April 2016

Goalpost reviews – We have attached a link to the Match of The Day of the Day footage that was taken at the tournament. The site looks great and you can see the football goals in all their glory: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/36005747 The speed that you put them up was great and the overall look of the goals was fabulous. The Volunteers at the end of the day were also impressed by how quickly they came down.  So all in all, happy customer’s. I will not hesitate to use “it’s a Goal” in the future.

Football goalposts 5 stars

Goalpost reviews -Jonty Welch – Forest Green Rovers F.C. April 2016

Goalpost reviews – Forest Green Rovers Football Club – We ordered four 12′ x 6′ aluminum lightweight goals for our annual Youth and Business Tournaments. The member of staff who processed our order was very helpful and honest about the additional accessories that we may or may not require. The goals were delivered quickly and well packaged. Once built, the goals are very lightweight and easy to move but at the same time strong and durable. As a football club, we would be more than happy to recommend ITSA GOAL posts to our clients.

Football goalposts 5 stars

Martyn Blackford Gym – Sports Manager Anglia Ruskin Students Union Cambridge

G5v5 Goalpost user – The work in the Sports department at Cambridge University required good quality 5-a-side goals that could withstand impact, yet could be easily stored. Previously I purchased a set of goals from Argos which ended up being thrown away after the first tournament as they just shattered. I would thoroughly recommend the uPVC goals supplied by this company, the quality and customer service is far superior to the larger retailers

Football goalposts 5 stars

Maria, UK  – March 2016

Goalpost reviews – Thank you so much for your assistance this morning.  it is so rare to receive such excellent customer service! I have recommended you on my FB page, are you on twitter as I will tweet too! Thank you again.

Football goalposts 5 stars

Darren Gillingham, Kent  – July 2015

Goalpost reviews – Just received my Mini Soccer Goal today,got to say how pleased I am with it. My son has had a few goals in his time and not one of them comes close to this one. The uPVC is as strong as can be, it fixes together nice and tight and the net is top quality. I nearly got a samba goal …I’m so glad I did not. If anyone is thinking of getting a football goal I would totally recommend this product. The customer service is brilliant and it turned up on time. A great big thank you to Georgina.

Football goalposts 5 stars

Simon Coker – May 2015

Goalpost reviews – We have two portable full sized goals that we bought over twenty years ago and a slightly smaller 16’x7’ goal post that is about fifteen years old. I’m happy to say they are pound for pound the most used and pleasurable items I’ve ever bought. We also have two of your five-a-side goals! It looks like a football academy round here. The 16×7 goal post is literally played in every day so you can imagine the pounding it gets – they are so tough it is amazing

Football goalposts 5 stars

 Andy Henfield U9’s – June 2014

Goalpost reviews – Inflatable goals – If we do have any left kicking around anywhere, sling them in the skip awful product; Lucky to get them to stay up for half an hour, never mind all day. So for U8’s, U9’s and U10’s rigid plastic goals that can be transported to the tournament are best and most cost-effective. All our coaches & managers at Henfield U9’s feel that ITSA GOAL posts are by far the best quality & comparative value for money (not expensive). They take only an instant to set-up if purchased & utilized in a similar form to the U9’s compared to anything else on the market such as Samba Goals. I am not connected to the Company that makes them; but having visited their factory in Sheffield and having previously done bundles of research & comparisons before purchasing, I can vouch for endorsing what the U9’s have. So on that basis, I would recommend the high Impact PVC ITSA GOAL posts. The reason that the U9’s goals go up/down in two minutes is because we purchased one-piece crossbar and back-bar and keep the end-triangle side frames erected with net this one; PVC Mini Soccer Goal the ‘best’ option (operationally) is the one-piece bars, ready-erected triangles ; but this means the goals need to be stored on-site or at home and transported to matches in a suitable vehicle but worth the effort in time saved on the day. If you cannot transport the one section goal posts to the site then exactly the same goal, but in a bag which most clubs are familiar with is available. Obviously, this takes longer to set-up/take down by comparison. ITSA GOAL makes much stronger and better bags that unlike other goal bags that need two people one person can carry with lateral and horizontal support straps, buckles and a zip to ensure parts are not lost. The reason I ask whether the Club wants to just look at the tournament in the most cost-effective way or if there is genuine intent to invest in goals that they have a need for the future; is that  ITSA GOAL also make a budget garden goals  version called FOOTIEGOALS  (possibly plenty strong enough for the one weekend tournament.
When you have mulled things over, I think that the best option would be for you to speak to John Wilson MD at Itsagoal; he is far better placed to give you all the options and advise what is perhaps best for the decided specific requirements of your tournament. (he’ll give you straight and honest answers) all the major tournament organizations use this company. John Wilson 011 42 42 42 44 or (mobile 0797 47 45 768)

Football goalposts 5 stars

 Russell Whiting – July 2012

Goalpost reviews – I just wanted to email and tell you how fantastic the ITSA GOAL post has been that we purchased from soccertackle.com. We purchased the goal two years ago for my son’s birthday and it has been amazing compared to the flimsy goals we have purchased before from another commonly known brand of a plastic goal.
Our football goal is stored on hooks outside all year and we must say how impressed we have been that the goal has not deteriorated from its new condition, even through rain, snow, and sun! the net is as new, still a brilliant white! My sons are now twelve and fourteen, both have a strong kick on them and the goal post has responded well. Previous football goals we have used cannot withstand a strong whack with a football, often falling apart, but the goal post we purchased from you has been rock solid… Having the single piece crossbar is a winner too, as the goal remains in a goal shape, unlike our previous plastic  football goals which bowed to form a very none-goal shape! Thanks for creating and providing such a great football product.

Football goalposts 5 stars Eliot Katz – Academy Director – TFA Hatch End F.C. – July 2014

Goalpost reviews – I’m delighted with this product!  I first became a customer of ITSA GOAL back in the early 1990’s when my dad bought us a 12’x6′ uPVC goal for the garden. It lasted us years and got a huge amount of usage. Over 20 years later, I now run my own grassroots youth football club in Harrow. Having initially bought sets of Samba goals (with a 3-section crossbar), I was disappointed to find that they quickly started to dip significantly in the middle – not a great look. When the time came to purchase additional goalposts, I was delighted to see that ITSA GOAL was still going strong. I chose the high impact Mini soccer goals with two section crossbar and am pleased to report that they still look great with no visible signs of dipping. Throughout my recent transactions with ITSA GOAL the customer service has been excellent. I am always on the lookout for the best products for my club and so I am very pleased to be able to continue my long-standing relationship with this company. I hope to see more of their goals in the Harrow Youth League this season!

Football goalposts 5 stars Rob Gifford Honorary President – Wisbech Acorns F.C. – Jan 2014

Goalpost reviews – Let me start by saying how pleased i am that you and your company are finally getting the recognition you rightly deserve with your excellent products by the FA finally adding your company to the list of approved suppliers and I hope that acknowledgement has been accompanied by a corresponding surge in business that has helped ease some of the financial burdens I know you have been under. I have to report that the Mini Soccer goals we purchased from you and the 9v9 goals we purchased from you are still in an as new condition and have performed excellently and far exceeded my expectations (based on years of Samba Goal use). At the end of last season I was planning on packing up my involvement at the club and stepping down as chairman, I had been slowly reducing my football involvement outside of the club as well, but then I agreed to stay one more season coaching the new U7’s which has actually led to coaching the U15’s and U18’s as well, and an award from the county F A and a trip to Buckingham Palace, have all helped me to realise I cannot leave the club until my original goal of providing football from 6-60 is realised. To that end the club will be taking up an additional facility this year, and we will be looking to purchase full-size adult football goals (24′ x 8′ goal posts), my instant feeling is that they should not be permanent, to give us the maximum options of moving pitches and not having to install sockets, and naturally I thought of you and your company. Based on Your experience John, what do you think will be the best product form you and can you give me a price for ( two sets) to include all nets & fixings.

Football goalposts 5 stars

Goalpost reviews – Leanne- Glasgow – December 2013

Goalpost reviews – Jon Paul, With the festive period now over and a little structure back in our lives, I now have the time to send you a thank you note. Your service was impeccable and I would recommend you to all. My son is delighted with the football goals that Santa brought him xx. The goals were in addition to what was on the Santa list, a wee last minute throw in – possibly to test us and to test Santa,( he is nine). You have restored his faith in The big man in the red suit. Thank you once again.Wishing you and your team all the best for January 2014

Football goalposts 5 stars Warren Fisher JJ Sports Coaching – Jan 2014

Goalpost reviews -, Hi, just a quick email to say how fantastic the goal we bought was. Easy to build and looks fantastic Thank You

Football goalposts 5 stars Paul – Aston Swallownest J.F.C. – June 2013

Goalpost reviews – We’ve had the (16’x7)’ 9v9  goalpost nets set up a few times during training and everyone has been really impressed with them, one parent even came down to you and bought a Mini Soccer Goal (12’x6′) for his son to play on the field with. The Samba goals look shocking, glad we opted for yours. We will still be looking to upgrade the uPVC crossbar to the one-piece aluminum cross-bars when the club finally gets the shipping container sorted for storage. Thanks again, Paul

Football goalposts 5 stars Pauline Muirhead – Fife Scotland  – July 2013

Goalpost reviews – Hi, just an update, my son loves his new football nets. He said it’s the best football goals he has ever had. Excellent service, and quality product. Thank you very much.

Football goalposts 5 stars Rodolphe from Toulouse in South France – May 2013

Goalpost reviews- Many thanks for the 9v9 goal that is now installed in my garden. Very easy to build, the product shows very high quality. We had time to test it with friends (including adults) over the last weekend and both look and quality are awesome. Nothing has moved despite heavy shots on the bar/crossbar of the goal. My son is very happy and all his friends here in South France are now asking where he got this big goal… A stadium at home…Hope you will open a franchise out of the UK…you would have a lot of customers I think…

Football goalposts 5 stars Andy Smith (Henfield U9’s Coach) – April 2013

Goalpost reviews – Re; your recent post via Horsham & District Youth Football League pertaining to ITSA GOAL posts, which I have been passed on by our Club Secretary. Frankly, I swear by their products and would be hard-pressed to purchase any other football goals from elsewhere, either in the PVC or Aluminium. In my own opinion, a no-brainer – The items I have purchased for Henfield U8’s/U9’s whom I Coach are of excellent quality and better than anything else I could find on the market in terms of robustness and cost. I personally purchased our Mini Soccer goals as one section crossbars to allow us to just take the end triangles-off (as opposed to buying a Samba Goal with a bag full of bits to set-up each Saturday or training session). Admittedly I have an Estate car and they hang out of the back, but the benefits of only taking literally less than one minute to erect by this option are untold on a cold muddy morning! Your U9’s have seen/are familiar with our goals, as we took them over to our 3G facility only recently to play our match whilst the poor weather was hampering grass fixtures. You are always welcome to pop down the A24 to have a closer look or give me a call on the numbers below. The company also offer a sale or return and un-matched two-year guarantee on plastic goals. The second good reason for purchasing ITSA GOAL posts – An entirely UK small family Company operating out of a sports ground under the shadows of Sheffield Steelworks, and their MD John is mad-fanatical on safety and kids football which is reflected in his products. I visited John at his factory whilst working in the area as part of our own market research. I am not in any way affiliated with the company ; but if you should give John a call (which I would recommend, he is very helpful and does not do the hard-sell thing), please mention Andy at Henfield U9’s, as we do keep in touch and he would appreciate knowing that someone recommends his products.

Football goalposts 5 stars Tom Denton – 2012

Goalpost reviews – Many thanks for the FOOTIE GOALS. They are extremely robust and easy to assemble. I Have had a lot of interest from family and friends over the weekend so you may have a couple more orders very soon.

Football goalposts 5 stars Mark Earnshaw – R & T Tours – 2012

Goalpost reviews – R & T Tours purchased eight sets of aluminum portable goals in bags for small-sided 9v9 games from Soccertackle this year. We used all the sets at our football tournaments all over the country and we found the goals to be absolutely perfect for our needs. Portable, light, easy to assemble and strong. We also use your full-size adult portable aluminum goals and we would recommend your goals to anyone.

Football goalposts 5 stars Neil Hall Green Utd – Wakefield – May 2012

Goalpost reviews -Very pleased with 16’x7′ uPVC 9v9 Goal posts with single section aluminium crossbar – top quality product. We are also looking for some full-size goals so we will be in touch thanks.

Football goalposts 5 stars Stephen Crick – Astley & Tyldesley JFC – March 2012

We have now purchased four sets of uPVC ITSA goal posts from soccertackle.com, they are so easy to put up and take down on match days, and are without doubt excellent quality, All our teams recommend them to every junior football club, they really do the job well.

Football goalposts 5 stars Martyn Blackford Gym and Sports Manager Students Union Cambridge – March 2012

Hi, I wanted to drop you a line to share my experience of purchasing an 8 x 6 ft goal from your company for my 13 year old son. If you wish to add this to your website under customer reviews I am more than happy for you to do so. I couldn’t see an option on your site to write a review, hence my email. I would definitely rate the customer service 5 stars.
On placing the above recent order, I phoned to enquire when I could expect delivery. I spoke to a gentleman who indicated he would ask someone to call me. The same day, I received a prompt phone call from Georgina Corker.
Nothing was too much trouble when speaking to Georgina, she was so accommodating and took the time to explain the situation regarding there would be a delay in deliverying the item, that the parts were travelling south to Sheffield and would leave Sheffield on Monday or Tuesday and we would expect our item to be delivered by Friday
of this week. We in fact received our order on Tuesday of this week, earlier than expected. Georgina agreed to keep me posted once the item had left Sheffield, which she did and the item was delivered the following day, on Tuesday of this week. I really feel that Georgina went above and beyond in terms of the customer
service provided. Please can you ensure that she is made aware of this?
The quality of the goal is very good indeed. My son, with a little help from his mum, put the goal together with ease. He loves it. Thank you so much for the product, the excellent service provided. I have already recommended your product to a friend of mine and will so going forward.

Football goalposts 5 stars Virginia Ripley

The work in the Sports department at Cambridge University required good quality 5-a-side goals that could withstand impact, yet could be easily stored. Previously I purchased a set of goals from Argos which ended up being thrown away after the first tournament as they just shattered. I would thoroughly recommend the uPVC goals supplied by this company, the quality and customer service is far superior to the larger brand name online retailers.

Football goalposts 5 stars Henfield under eights – Feb 2012

The goals are fantastic! we are excited about putting them to good use + The target goals we have just ordered will be very useful in training. Will send you some pictures of our duff inflatable” I-goals”. We were extremely impressed with the new Mini Soccer Goals in the first competitive outing, and we soon mastered from boot of the car to erection in under 3 minutes each goal (and that was just me and my 10-year-old daughter assisting). The opposition was similarly impressed and I noticed that their Coaches were giving them an interested and thorough inspection after the game. (they must still have time-consuming Samba Goals) Now I know a bit more regarding whats what with the Football goals and have seen how the Mini Soccer size can fit in my car without dismantling for the short distance to our home pitch from my house. (again, that’s the beauty of the goalposts they are so flexible, they  cover all the bases) I will not hesitate in buying more; the beauty is, that they are such a flexible product, lending towards being easily played around with to suit a particular user’s application. On the internet, Peter Shilton was still promoting/endorsing inflatable I goals (which was one of the things that gave us initial confidence in buying the inflatable goal product (which endured about four matches before the first of a great many embarrassing failures with both the goals themselves and the pumps).Thanks again for both sized sets of uPVC goals that we have recently bought – Very pleased with the purchase.

Football goalposts 5 stars Johan Oosterling Dutch Football Academy Bromley – Jan 2012

I find your goals far superior to Samba goals and the shape is just fantastic. Lots of clubs have enquired about these goals as Samba Goals just don’t look the same and don’t feel of the same quality. The arrow-shaped hooks certainly make the goals stand out from the rest as it looks like an aluminum goal from a distance. As a premium football coaching product, we are very pleased to have such high-quality goals at our ground.

Football goalposts 5 stars Denise Cooper – Jan 2012

Thanks again the goal is fantastic my son thinks he is Lionel Mess i!! as its the second goal we have had from soccertackle.com and we have had prompt service I am sure when he outgrows this one we will nowhere to come again. Thank you again

Football goalposts 5 stars James Pink Whiston Wildcats JFC – 2012

We approached ITSA GOAL for two 3/4 new Junior Football club Goalposts and nets for our first season at eleven-a-side. The two John’s were brilliant working within our rather tight budget. They delivered right on time under some very difficult constraints and our football goals arrived bang on time to prepare for the season. These goals are absolutely fantastic, we have now had them in and out of our porta-cabin and in the ground, more than one hundred times and the simplicity, weight, and safety are second to none. The aluminum means that they are so easy to carry and when they are up they look just the business. A true customer friendly company and more importantly real value for money.

Football goalposts 5 stars Peter Apostel, Allhallows Youth Club – August 2011

The Mini Soccer Arena looks very impressive. I know Sheffield is quite a distance away but once all the work has been completed and the site is neat and tidy again it would be good if John could come down to Allhallows again and see just how good the arena looks and what an asset it has become to our youth club. ITSA GOALS part of the project has gone very well and it has been a pleasure to work with your team.I must say that the other youth club committee members and myself and are very happy with the end result.

Football goalposts 5 stars Colin Harrison Rossmere Rangers F.C. – May 2011

Having been involved with junior football for the past four years, I have used equipment from all the mainstream suppliers and manufacturers and

Football goalposts 5 stars Ray Stubbs, BBC Television – May 2004

The goal is fantastic, easy to put up and take down and already taking a battering. Every school should have sets of football goals like this.

Football goalposts 5 stars Philip Clayton – Chairman of Fleetwood Town Junior Football Club   2006

Goalpost reviews – ” We purchased five sets of aluminum goals from  ITSA GOAL and are really pleased with their performance. Safety was our main concern and ease of use a close second and after a lot of research and advice we were introduced to ITSA GOAL and have not regretted the decision. Each time our teams play now we get admiring glances from the opposition teams and many have commented on how professional they look. They are robustly constructed and yet still lightweight and satisfy a higher level of safety than the usual statutory requirements and when we are responsible for up to 500 children we can not compromise on safety. I feel sure that they will last for many years because they have been crafted so well in the beginning and we would recommend any other club to use the same..”

Football goalposts 5 stars Sasha Bogunovic, Warner Bros. Los Angeles, California.

” The football goals are here and we had our first game today. Everyone was more than happy with the product and the goalposts look just fantastic. Congratulations to you and your company on such a great football goal. We will take them to the beach game in two weeks and let you know how they work there. In case you need any assistance in setting up a shop here in LA, I would be more than happy to help you guys out. All the best, Sasha”

Football goalposts 5 stars Mr. Stephen Roscamp – Secretary Swallonest Bethesda Football Club 2008

Goalpost reviews -” I would like to express my gratitude and thanks on behalf of our club for the provision of stadium quality goal posts and accessories which have greatly enhanced our facility. As you are aware we arrived unannounced at your facility and without prompting you asked if we wanted a brief tour of your facility and works. We obliged and you showed us your manufacturing area and the storage facility. During that time we discussed the many products you have on offer but the thing that impressed me most was your enthusiasm for the design of new products and an eye for detail based on safety and customer preference. You are obviously a forward-thinking company that listens to your customers and seeks their opinions. The sales side of your company was not overbearing but informative and supportive. In fact, at one point we were encouraged to look at other companies to compare prices and products. This obviously shows you are a company confident in your products and performance. May I say that I would have no hesitation in purchasing further products from you in the future and directing others to your services. I would also be quite willing to seek advice confidently knowing that any dialog would be unbiased. ”

Football goalposts 5 stars Mr. Sasha Bogunovic, Warner Bros. Los Angeles, California

“The football goals are here and we had our first game today. Everyone was more than happy with the product and the goalposts look just fantastic. Congratulations to you and your company on such a great football goal. We will take them to the beach game in two weeks and let you know how they work there. In case you need any assistance in setting up a shop here in LA, I would be more than happy to help you guys out. All the best, Sasha”

Goalpost reviews 5 stars Dave Murray – June  2020

Goalpost Service reviews -” I hope you are well. I would like to take the time to compliment a member of your staff. Georgina has been incredible over the last week. She has been contactable, resolute, polite and well humoured throughout a problematic time. I feel as though she deserves recognition and commendation for the service provided. Much fewer accolades are deserving of your contracted courier however. I’m about to put the goal together and hope that we have hours of fun with it. Give my warmest regards to Georgina,Sincerely Dave Murray. ”

Goalpost reviews 5 stars Mr. Andrew Bryant – 2000

” Just to say thank you for the football goals. I am a very happy customer. The goals arrived within 48 hours and they look fantastic. They are very strong and thanks to the net attachments look far better than a Samba goal.

Goalpost reviews 5 stars Mr. Dennis Hickford, Vice-Chairman, Woodbank Junior Football Club – 2008

” I would just like to say how pleased we are with the lockable fold-in Mini-Soccer goals we recently purchased. We have fastened the netting permanently onto to frame and now they can be easily stored and carried with the netting fixed to the goal. Once carried to the pitch the goalposts can be erected and secured to the ground within 60 seconds which is absolutely fantastic. As well as being easy to erect they are also the best and most professional looking goals in the league. Every team that comes to play us comments on the football goals. We have tried several types of goals over the years. Plastic, fully erected aluminum, solid D-side bracket types and these are by far the best we have ever had. Well done for a fantastic, innovative football goal design”.

Goalpost reviews 5 stars Ann Marriot Macclesfield Cheshire – 2009

Goalpost reviews -” This is a really impressive football goal after our last Samba goal that did not last very long. It has a great design and looks like the real thing. The boys love it. ”

Football goalposts 5 stars Andy Lord April 2010

Goalpost reviews -” In August of 1998, I purchased a 12 x 6 uPVC football Goal for my son Jack’s 9th birthday. It has stood in my garden all year round ever since. The amount of use has been staggering by a keen footballer and all his friends. Jack played in a youth team from the age of 10 to 18 and with football parties, cup finals and internationals played in our garden, it has taken a battering. I am pleased to say that it has only been in need of a structural repair once. You were able to replace the broken part within a few days. I have easily been able to replace the net by mail order and have just worn out the Third net in 12 years. I now have a 5-year-old grandson and need to refurbish the goal for him too. I phoned today to find that you are still able to supply spare parts for this goal. I have broken the horizontal multi-surface support with my runaway mower and need a new net. This goal has been manhandled out of the way for grass cutting, it has withstood numerous penalties and collisions with players of all sizes over the years. The goalpost is still perfectly serviceable after all these years. Well done – It’s a Goal and a half!

Goalpost reviews 5 stars Alex Haste Plymouth March 2010

Goalpost reviews – ” The uPVC football goalposts are very very good and beat any Samba goal. We had six delivered to Plymouth and they have had many good comments from our customers, quoting how well they are made and at a very good price. ”

Goalpost reviews can also be found on our facebook page as well as our online supplier Soccertackle.com, and FOOTIE GOALS. We do not use paid companies like Trustpilot for Goalpost reviews as these sites have enabled unscrupulous suppliers of poor quality products to download fictitious five-star Goalpost reviews that can mislead buyers.In the thirty years we have been supplying football goals we have never had a bad Goalpost review.

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