Spectator Crowd Control Respect barrier – rope version

A cost effective Spectator Crowd Control Respect barrier post system that is designed to last. Manufactured in 68mm uPVC with solid cap and removable ground spike these posts are sturdier than the thinner respect type posts. Supplied as single posts so you can buy as many as you need. This way you can build up a little at a time until the required length is achieved.

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respect barrier


Respect Barrier


Spectator Crowd Control Respect Barrier Chain Link -Reviews

We were looking to improve our Respect Barriers, which again we have to date used the Football Foundation approved sets which have not lasted very well for the investment we made and are flimsy at best”.The new ITSA GOAL respect barrier has been a great success in being quick to install, a proper barrier looking very good in our team colours and is as good today as the start of the season. It uses a combination of PVC posts spaced approx 5m apart.

Football goal posts 5 stars MR  J.CROOT -SOUTH YORKSHIRE UK  MARCH 2013