Aluminium goal post net fixings – Twist & Lock

GOAL POST Aluminium goal post net fixings – Twist & Lock  pack of 40

Twist and lock net fixings allow speedy net fixing and removal on all ITSA Goalposts that are manufactured in our larger 115mmx100mm elliptical aluminium extrusion. These net fixings simply slot into the 8mm groove on the rear of the posts and the twist ninety degrees to lock in place. Aluminium goal post net fixings  from ITSA Goal allow box or standard goal nets to be pushed into the grove with the net fixing used on top of the net to keep it inside the groove. The Aluminium goal post net fixings are usually used in this way when goal nets are left in place and not removed from the goalpost after each game.  The goal post fixings  do however enable nets to be held securely inside the hook arrangement that is positioned on one side of the twist & lock net fixing.  The opposite side of the net fixing has a hole and this is to enable a securing rod to be inserted to help prevent theft of goal nets when they are  left attached to the goal frame. The securing

5mm rod can also be threaded through the net at the same time making it even more difficult to dislodge the net. The picture shows the rod slotted through the net fixings at the bottom of the upright on a set of stadium goalposts that has a hinged net retainer folded into the non play storage position for easy access of the Groundsman. The securing rod can also prevent the twist & lock fixings on the crossbars from being removed or tampered with. By inserting the rod it keeps the fixings in place and prevents anyone from twisting the net fixing around to remove it. Aluminium goal post net fixings – Twist & Lock are available from our official online suppliers at

We also supply push in net fixings for round tube goalposts and other net ties and clips that specially designed for use with football goals.

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