Goal Post Net Fixings – recessed to fit channels

goal post clips and fixings
Easy to use Aluminum Goal Post Net fixings.

Securely attach your net to any aluminium sports goal with these unique white Goal post net fixings net clips.  Designed to be used on aluminium goals with rear channels, the strong net connections are robust and built to last, and will not pop out of position when the ball hits the goal net.  The fitting has a unique design that allows a quick twist action to fit to the netting and also for removal. The premium material strength of the goal net clips has seen them being used by professional sports clubs and grassroots teams nationwide. White net clips for attaching professional style goals nets to aluminium goals which have a rear channel. Sturdy net clips made from premium grade injection moulded white nylon for use in all weather conditions; no metal, therefore, will not rust.

They can be quickly fitted to football goals at the start of the game and if required the net fittings are designed to twist off after games. Manufactured by ITSA GOAL and designed for 120mm x 100mm Oval aluminium and also 80mm x 80mm aluminium Itsa Goal branded football goalposts. The fittings will also fit competition 80mm x 80mm Futsal Goals. The Goal post net fixing can be fitted to the goalpost crossbar, the upright posts and the ground frames.

Goal Post Net Fixing  – This net fixing will fit Itsa Goal aluminium goalposts with aluminium channel.

Designed for Stadium aluminium goal net fixing, freestanding aluminium goal net fixing, futsal aluminium goal net fixing, socketed aluminium goal net fixing, folding goals in fact all the various different goalposts manufactured by ITSA GOAL.. These fixings are Strong net clips made from high quality graded injection moulded industrial nylon for use in all weather conditions; no metal, therefore the fixing is totally weatherproof.

Aluminium goal post net fixings Safety

Having been independently tested to exceed the current goal safety standards BS EN 16579:2018 & BS EN 748. We recommend placing the net fixings no more than 340mm apart to prevent head entrapment.  The clips for aluminium goals are the safest net clips on the market, protecting the user from cuts or trapped fingers. Quick and easy to use, the goal post net fittings easily connect goal nets into the rear channel of goalposts, held solidly in place by the uniquely shaped design. Registered Design pending. An innovative,  reliable net fixing that securely holds their position without coming out of place when the ball hits the back of the goal net manufactured in England, Sheffield by ITSA GOAL POSTS LTD.

Quick Release Slot Net Fixing fitting instructions  -Click here – Quick Release Goalpost Net Fixing D1
Quick Release Goalpost Net Fixing D1

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The Goal post net fittings are available in a pack of 40.


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