Moveable & fixed position football goals from the UK’s leading goal post manufacturer. Innovative goalpost engineering “Made in Sheffield ” the home of football” offering safe,strong,easy to use goal posts to suit any location and any budget.

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ITSA Goal Posts Ltd are one of the oldest goalpost manufacturers in the U.K. and were the first company to make safe high impact plastic goalposts . They also pioneered  fixed position anti-vandal steel goal posts,lightweight aluminium moveable football goals, unique easy to use fold flat goals and full size portable goal posts in carry bags.  The large range of products also includes laser engineered stadium goals, goalposts for use on 3G artificial grass,various rugby posts and hockey goals. Innovative safe goal posts engineered to last,designed for quick match day installation,with longer warranty and  at competitive prices. If you need any type of goal post then this is the web site you need to explore before you decide to buy. Goal post prices can be viewed at  or via our sales goal line 0114 2434200 where you will find un biased help and advice.

The video above shows a typical high impact uPVC ITSA Goal post being installed in a garden environment. These football goals outperform other plastic goals and include a two year manufacturers warranty that you will not find available on any other brand of plastic football goal.  

ITSA Goal set the benchmark that others aspire to

If you want goal posts for a Premier League stadium, a local football club or just a garden then you will not find better goalposts anywhere. .Long lasting, strong, safe & easy to use football goals from the market leader and creator of Mini soccer for children..  Click to see the full range of  Football Goal posts 

“The best range of Football goal posts in the UK” ….your words not ours !

The company has led in the drive for safer goal posts and have introduced unique features not found on other football goals that make life easier on Match days.  As a founder member on the EN 748 European goalpost safety committee the company has contributed to the development of standards to ensure safer goalposts are used around children. We still work towards safer goalposts and are pushing the governing bodies to introduce a total ban and removal of heavy steel freestanding goalposts.  (see goalpost safety) 

The company have never manufactured heavy steel freestanding goalposts and never will. This web site is not  in any way trying to pressure visitors to buy in fact we encourage potential buyers to look around before they part with hard earned money. We hope you find this site unbiased  and informative, especially with regard to the safe use of football goals and the differing types of goalposts available. We try to explain fully the issues  users may encounter on different types of goal posts, including  goal post maintenance & storage. We hope this site will help you discover the best type of goal post for your location, fixed position goals, moveable goal posts, folding goals or transportable goals in bags. When you decide the best type for your site then competitive prices can be found at our ecommerce site or you can telephone our office for a detailed quotation.

“Goalposts that work not goal posts that make work”

Customers are welcome to leave reviews  and comments or visit us at our sports ground in Sheffield.  Our technical director is also available at any time day or night for help and advice with regard to goal posts and spectator barriers. ( 24 hour Mobile 07974745768 )


ITSA Goal Posts Limited – Head office – Sheffield

” The Home of Mini Soccer “


Inventors of uPVC Portable Goals

ITSA Goal Posts Ltd are the oldest uPVC goalpost manufacturer in the world. The company Chairman invented the very first 12’x6′ mini soccer  goalpost in 1959 as a young footballer and in 1989 he went on to create and manufacture the first practical strong uPVC goalpost in a bag. Many lesser engineered copies have emerged however none offer the same level of engineering, longevity and warranty. The company make the largest range of football goal posts in the Europe and the unique attributes of our products can be seen on goalpost videos.

What price a young footballers life?

Heavy steel freestanding goalposts can cause serious injury and fatalities if they are not anchored and used correctly and this is a risk the company is not prepared to take just to improve the bottom line. This web site has been created to inform users and buyers as to the safest types of goalposts available. Goalposts that are safer,goal posts that are easier to use, goalposts that are better engineered  may cost a little more than goal posts that cut corners on design but in the long run they prove to be more cost effective.

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Aluminium folding goalposts

Aluminium folding goalposts

ITSA Goal are the only company to offer patented aluminium folding goalposts that have secure fully locking welded side frames. The range encompasses all age groups and goals are available for Mini-Soccer, 9v9 football, youth 11v11 football and adult football.  The folding goalposts have fully welded unique frames that are stored flat with sides locked flush under the crossbar.  This ensures no one other than the key holder has access to the goal posts which prevents children using them unsupervised. Another major advantage of the patented aluminium folding lockable goalposts is that they are used and stored  in a locked position preventing the side frames from moving inwards during matches.

Aluminium folding goalposts are made in lightweight aluminium and are easy to move around. Wheel systems are available for the larger goalposts that enable them to be steered and driven into position. The Aluminium folding lockable goalposts can be used on artificial grass or the muddiest of football fields without damaging the playing surface. These folding goal posts are ideal for large full size artificial grass arenas as they can be folded flat and secured to exterior fencing freeing up the area for other games. They offer huge cost savings as they can offer additional security and alleviate expensive goalpost recess areas on new pitch developments.Find out why… →

Football Foundation

Football Foundation

Football Foundation – Recommended football goal supplier

ITSA GOAL posts have been a major supplier of match quality football goalposts to the Football Foundation for over twenty years. Mini Soccer goals, 9v9 football goals have been supplied to numerous grass roots junior clubs with Football Foundation grants over the years. High Impact PVC football goals with straighter crossbars, longer lasting nets fitted neatly to rear of the posts and support stanchions that stay locked in place are just some of the goalposts supplied. Plastic goalposts with  longer warranty unmatched by any other goal post manufacturer. ITSA GOAL offer a large range of  goalpost to the Football Foundation grant schemes including socketed aluminum football stadium goals, Junior and senior freestanding football goal posts,unique patented anti-vandal steel fixed position football goals and  spectator crowd barriers. One of the more popular goalposts in recent years has been our lightweight aluminium lockable folding goalposts that allow quick match day installation. ITSA GOAL are an approved and  well respected supplier to the Football Association and the Football Foundation.  Ask for our latest Football Foundation football goal post grant information that offers £750 towards youth/adult goalposts and £500 towards  9v9 goalposts and Mini Soccer football goals.

To find out the costs of  ITSA Goal products or to buy on line  visit our official online e-commerce site  www.soccertackle.comRead More →

Goal post reviews

Goal post reviews

Goal post reviews

Check our goal post reviews to see what users actually think about the goal posts they have purchased from us. Buyers no longer need to make decisions from ill informed distributors as they can now evaluate and see what actual users think about products before they buy. We have goal post reviews from customers going back some twenty five years.Many of the older goal post reviews can be seen on our official ecommerce web site  Detailed informative feedback about football goalposts and not just one liners about quick delivery from a paid review company. This new web site has the more recent goal post reviews. The new site allows direct access to record customer feedback.  Customer comments about  the goalposts they have can also be sent in by email before being transposed onto the goal post reviews section of the web site. We welcome customer goal post reviews as this helps new buyers to make better buying decisions. Many of our customers waste money on Far East and Samba Goals before they find out about the engineering design qualities of our own football goals.

Over the years some of the most well known names in sport  have chosen our football goals for their children including  Gary Lineker, John Motson, Ray Stubbs, Lee Dixon, Barry Venison, Paul Scholes,Trevor Francis, Paul Merson, Graham Taylor, hard man Vinny Jones, David Seaman,Lee Westwood ( golfer) and Howard Wilkinson a past Technical Director of the Football Association .Read More →

Goalpost Videos

Goalpost Videos

Goalpost Videos

Goalpost videos show on our site have football,rugby posts and other sports goalposts. Other videos of goal post systems show how to move and store football goals. Goalpost videos from ITSA GOAL are available via our dedicated you tube channel “football goalposts” .  You can access the videos  via the you tube icon located on the web site. The videos show different types of football goal posts being installed, moved around and stored. All our crossbar testing is included on the site showing the test weight used and the deformation of the crossbar after the live testing has been completed.  We are the only goal post manufacturing  company to show actual strength testing of football goal crossbars. When we say they pass testing you can actually see they do. More informational videos are to be added in the future to help demonstrate why our goal posts are  recognised as the best products available. They are the preferred choice of discerning goal post users. Customers  can see before they buy how safely and easily our football goal posts can be moved around compared to others. We also show our high impact uPVC  goal posts to demonstrate how much stronger and easier they are to install over Far East Forza and Samba Goals. To see the current football goalpost videos click here.Football Goal videos

On a lighter note we also have a collection of recordings of Football Association Cup Finals,FIFA World cup, and European Cup final films now on short on line videos. Look  back at how football was played before the Premier League and before the millionaire footballs in todays game.

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