Mini Soccer Goal Post uPVC 12’x6′ – single sections

Mini Soccer Goal Post
uPVC 12’x6′

This Match Mini Soccer Goal Post was designed and approved for mini soccer and conforms to the British standard BS EN 16579:2018.  The goal includes an unsurpassed three years guarantee.

It is, without doubt, the best uPVC Mini Soccer goal available in the U.K. The Mini Soccer Goal Post measures 3.6m x 1.8m (12’x6′) and is made from UV stabilized 68mm diameter heavy-duty environmentally friendly high impact uPVC tube. The uPVC plastic mini soccer goal has anchors included that allows the goal to be used on any surface.

Sturdy Goalpost Design

Supplied with a single section posts uprights, crossbar and ground frames – they are stronger, sturdier and quicker to install than Samba goals. If the goal is to be left erected in your garden or quickly dismantled after the game then this is the goal you need. These longer sections make delivery costs more expensive for this goal design as they cant go on an economy courier.

The mini soccer goalpost side frames can be left together with the net attached, and on match days the frames simply pull apart to allow the crossbar to be locked in place with the quick-release press in locking buttons. All of the goal frame is locked in place including the net support stanchions and unlike Samba goals and other mini soccer goal posts they do not come out when the goal post is moved or footballs hit the frame.

One manufacturer of aluminum goalposts is misinforming buyers about the strength of uPVC goalposts and although some plastic goal brands are badly designed our own are very robust and have extended warranty. We have uPVC goals and goal nets still in use that were supplied ten years before the company making these comments even existed. For young children, uPVC goalposts are the safest and most cost-effective type of football goal available.

Strongest PVC Goal Post Corner Brackets

Itsa Goal Corner brackets are designed for strength and the wall thickness is 300% stronger than competitors plastic goals.

The Fastest Fitting PVC Mini Soccer Goal, Match Day Assembly in One Minute.

Mini Soccer Goal Net Fitting

The Mini Soccer Goal Post has unique ‘Arrowhead Net Fixings’ that allows neat and rapid fixing of goal nets to the rear of the posts. The quickest and neatest way to lift nets on and off any goalpost, which alleviates the need for time-consuming clips pulling goal nets around the front of the posts. Length of goalpost run back 153cm.

Each goal post is supplied with a top quality goal net that out performs the rest. This goal post is recognized as the best  by Junior football clubs up and down the U.K.  (see our customer comments and reviews below

Mini Soccer 12×6 Fitting Instructions

Click here to download a copy of the 12×6 goal fitting instructions



A Superior British product  Made in Sheffield, easy and safe to use, competitively priced and with an unmatched manufacturer’s warranty.

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7v7 goalpost assembly – To view a copy of the goalpost fitting instructions click here.

The single section crossbar goal is 12ft long and has to be delivered by our own transport. To order online for home delivery we recommend our portable upvc goal please click below

£228.23 click to buy online

  1. Football Goal Post Reviews

    Mini Soccer Goal Post Reviews

    Football goal posts 5 stars 12×6 Goalpost Reviewer: John Evans, Bevercreek, Ohio,  USA  2019

    Hi Georgina,
    It was great talking to you today. I bought a set of goals back in the mid to late 90s. I brought them over to the USA in 2004. They get used every day with my boys in the backyard. Nets are original too…. lol.  We are looking to purchase more 12×6 goals for our Academy here in Dayton,(BEAVERCREEK) Ohio. Your dad has made a great product that has stood the test of time. It has withstood the elements bringing joy to soccer players all over the world. I know you said it has been tough but you provide a quality product and I love the fact it is made in England. Can you please give me a quote for
    (4 goals) 2 sets 12×6 one piece or two pieces.
    (6 goals) 3 sets
    (8 goals) 4  sets
    John Evans

    Football goal posts 5 stars Goalpost Reviewer: Glen Review received on the April 19th 2018  by email   12′ X 6′ GOALPOST for 7v7 Match games
    Just wanted to let you know that I bought two 12’x 6′ goal nets for my sons who were about 5 at the time (that’s 20 years ago). They are still going strong and were used constantly right up to they were about 15 or 16. Now they are used once a year for a Christian children’s holiday club and are still in great order. Best money I ever spent, as it kept my two boys off the video games and active. Well done and keep up the good work.

    Football goal posts 5 stars Reviewer: Paul Elliott from UK  – 2018 – 12′ X 6′ GOALPOST for 7v7 Match games
    Great quality After a bit of research, and a visit to the premises, I went for the basic 12×6 ITSA Goal Posts (the staff actually steered me away from buying a more expensive goal when they found I would be leaving it in place, which was great service). I’ve a had the goals a couple of months now and so can safely say that the quality far exceeds the previous ones I’ve had. The crossbar has not sagged like the Samba goals I’ve had in the past. And with Samba (or Forza, which I think are really poor), if the ball hits the post the goal shakes and the ball just drops nearby. With these goals, the more solid plastic means the ball rebounds almost like hitting a match goal, which my son really likes. Great quality products, great service, competitive prices and a British company too. The only shame is that I didn’t know about them years ago when I first started buying football goals…

    Football goal posts 5 stars Reviewer: Mike Gooden July 09 from UK – 12′ X 6′ MINI SOCCER GOALPOST.
    A quick message to say thank you for fantastic service in getting this Goalpost to us in record time. My son’s birthday is today (30th April) and the item came yesterday after ordering on Monday! His face in seeing the assembled goal this morning was priceless. The quality of the product is also second to none. We’ve had goals before (Samba Goals I’m afraid to say) but this knocks the spots of anything previous. Great service and products, I will be spreading the word to all who wish to buy a similar product – look no further than ITSA Goal.

    Football goal posts 5 stars Reviewer: Barrett Wood Noble – Rotherham, South Yorkshire, 12′ X 6′ GOALPOST
    Hi Georgina.
    As we discussed please see my product review.
    Stage 1. My son started to play football at a very early age, and for Christmas 2009, (age 3), I wanted to get him a set of goalposts. Safety and quality were at the top of my requirements plus of cause budget. Having done my usually in depth research I stumbled on a local business called “Its a Goal”. I was lucky that being local, I could visit the offices and really look closely at the product. During this experience it was clear to see that the product was yes more expensive, but far superior in both make and safety to other brands such as Samba Goals. The staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their own product and the current market competition. I duly made my purchase of my 4×8 “its a goal”, and the rest is history……

    Stage 2. My son was loving his “Its a Goal”, and we shared hours of fun, practising penalties and recreating goals we had seen on “Match of the Day”. I wanted to further my sons understanding of the football game, and so 3 years on we purchased our 2nd 4×8 “Its a Goal”.This went down a storm for my sons 6th Birthday Football Party. 10 kids having the game of their lives!!!! After that perfect time, we used the goals as part of our training drills, and highlighting the importance of attacking and defending skills in a game. This has really assisted my sons development massively.

    Stage 3. New upgrade…… Now my son is u10”s now, new ball (size4), so I thought new Goal!!!! Back to “Its a Goal”. I purchased the 6×12 junior goal. Yes it cost about 150.00 pounds but having had my experience with ””Its a Goal” that isn”t too expensive. The quality of the product is incredible. The goals are left out in all weathers, and the only thing that I have had to repurchase is one net and some pegs for the goal. No twisting or bending of the goal frame like Samba, easily cleaned and maintained, this product is the best!!!!!! My son can now continue his development of skills, and create some fantastic training drills with his 3 goal set up. Hours and hours of fun, brilliant product, hassle free, great customer service, and now the goal is bigger I may even score!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for everything Georgina you and the team have been amazing for
    us. Might need a new net so see you soon.
    Kind regards Barrett Wood-Noble  -Rotherham – 01/092016.

    Football goal posts 5 stars Ian Irving – Northumberland UK.
    Ref: 12×6 Itsa Goal match uPVC Goal.
    We have just purchased our second “it’s a goal” goal from Soccertackle after having our original for over a dozen years. The first goal was still in a very good condition which says everything about the excellent build quality and durability of the product but we felt it was time for a shiny bright new one. We have replaced the net once during that time after a lawn mower accident and the after sales service and support for buying extras is second to none.
    I cannot ever recall receiving such friendly and helpful service anywhere and I only wish all companies took such care of their customers not just before the sale but long afterward as well.
    Despite the excellent service, however, the key reason we bought our second goal is because of our experience with the first. The build quality is exceptional and far superior to other goals we have seen. We have four football mad boys and it’s fair to say that the goal has had almost constant use during all of that time and yet it has stood up to some pretty hard shooting without suffering any major damage.
    Our new goal has a single crossbar and was very easy to assemble. I am sure this goal will see us through another dozen years and by which time our boys will have become young men!
    If you are thinking of purchasing a goal, do not consider any other. Ultimately you get what you pay for and these goals offer the best value for your money anywhere and are in a different league to the likes of Samba Goals.
    I have never written a review of anything before but such was the impression made on me and the helpful service I have received, that I felt compelled to share my views.
    First class goals from a first class company – simply the best. 👍
    Thanks, Ian Irving

    Football goal posts 5 stars Reviewer: Johan Oosterling Dutch Football Academy from Bromley.
    MINI SOCCER GOALPOST I find your goals far superior to Samba goals and the shape is just fantastic. Lots of clubs have enquired by me about these goals as Samba Goals just don’t look the same and don’t feel of the same quality. The arrow shaped hooks certainly makes the goals standout from the rest.

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