Aluminium Goal Post – Elliptical Freestanding & movable 16 ‘X 7’

Aluminium Goal post

Free standing de-mountable professional aluminium goal post that is easy to move around and much lighter than steel. Ideal for when pitches need to be set up in different locations or stored away after the game. The goals have a very simple easy to use anchor system  making them much better than the goals with heavy rear ground back bars or heavy rollers that are difficult to manoeuvre.

These free standing goalposts are lighter and safer than other comparable football goals and easier to move around especially on heavy muddy football pitches.  Various wheel options are  available that do not buckle inwards as do other systems when goalposts are to be moved sideways or any distance.

■ BSI safety standard BS8462:2005+A2:2012
■ Strong, fully welded side frames.
■ Multi-surface anchors included
■ Can be used on all surfaces
■ Recessed twist & lock net fixings to rear of posts
■ Easy to move & store after the game
■ Back stanchions in rustproof aluminum and not heavy steel.

■ Dollies and wheel systems available
■ Unique counter balance system available

Unlike other integral weighted football goals with lever or rear wheel and roller systems that can entangle nets, these will not damage or rut the playing surface as the counter balance weights can be easily removed enabling the goalpost to be moved independently of the weights. Try one of these football goals against any other free standing goal and you will see how much lighter, stronger and easier they are to use.

This price includes anchors and all fixings required and is per single goal. Without doubt the best freestanding goal post available.The goalpost frame is fully welded and not held together on the corners with nuts& bolts and they have the benefit of aluminum net supports not heavy rusting steel tubes bolted on that need constant re- tightening.

The goal is supplied with a single section crossbar however  a two section version is available for when storage does not allow for the longer length or shipping becomes un economical. We are the only UK manufacturer to have full size regulation goalposts conforming to EN748 with two section crossbars that have been fully tested and approved.

See the video demonstrating the larger 21’x7′ freestanding aluminium goal posts utilizing goal post dollies. Dollies can save thousands of pounds when sites have multiple sets of goal post as wheels are not then needed on every freestanding goalpost. The four pneumatic wheels on the dollies spread the load,prevent damage to the playing surface and are more suitable for muddy grass surfaces. Individual wheel attachments also available.

A Superior British product  Made in Sheffield, easy and safe to use, competitively priced and with an unmatched manufacturers warranty.


The best on line price for this Football Goals 16×7 is currently at

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