Aluminium Goal – Elliptical Socketed 24′ x 8′ – Lockable & quick release

Aluminium Goal, Elliptical Socketed 24′ x 8′
Lockable & quick release

Top Quality professional oval 120mm x 100mm stadium aluminium goal post that Conforms fully to The European Safety Standards BSEN748. Independently tested. Follows the latest goalpost safety standards BSEN 748:2013+A1:2018 and BS EN 16579:2018.

This aluminium goal post is fully welded externally on the corners to eradicate expansion and contraction problems found on un-welded corners on goal post crossbars. Most other goalpost manufacturers offer internal welded brackets with mitred corners, which uprights and crossbars are bolted to. These inevitably expand apart and need constant re-alinement and tightening. ITSA Goal have never manufactured this type of high maintenance football goal.

These goalposts are supplied with a very simple security lock system that is quick and easy to use and only found on ITSA GOAL stadium goal posts. Crossbars can be lifted on and off with the turn of a key – no tools required – no time-consuming nuts and bolts to secure posts together and no rusting parts. Each goalpost is supplied with strong, industrial nylon twist and lock net fittings. Nets can be supported by lightweight ‘D’ net supports attached to the crossbar that can slide off with nets or be left attached in more secure locations.

If you intend to take down your goal after each match then these are by far the easiest to use, the quickest lightest and strongest goalposts available. They are also ideal to leave in situ with the added security of locking mechanisms at the foot of the post and also barrel locked at the corner where the upright meets the crossbar.

These are the best socketed goal posts you will find anywhere. (See customer comments reviews)

The goal comes as standard as a single one section crossbar, (a two section version goal is also available at additional cost, this is only required if storage containers are less the 24′ long). We are the only UK goalpost manufacturer to offer goalposts to EN748 with two section crossbars that have been fully tested and approved.

Due to the high demand for these unique patented goal posts, it is advisable to order early especially if you have a specific date in mind.

The price includes : Crossbar Uprights Recessed net fixings, Ground sockets, Barrel Locks & Keys (No nuts & bolts needed!) VAT

Optional extras:
This goal can be supplied in a single section crossbar or a two section crossbar – this option enables the goal to be stored in smaller spaces, quality white nylon nets, net supports that slide in position on the crossbar and can be easily removed after each game to prevent climbing on the goal, flush locking ground socket caps, ground net pegs. Hinged net retainers are normally used with stadium goals to lift net for grass cutting, call the office for more information or click here view the net retainers

The best on line price for this Football Goals 24×8 is currently on our goalpost shop –

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Reasons to Buy ITSA GOAL Stadium Goalposts.

Fully welded stadium goals made by ITSA GOAL POSTS LTD include strong internal brackets that stay firmly together and require no maintenance. The less expensive self-build aluminium stadium goals that have mitred corners  are only held together with internal brackets bolted together. These goalposts supplied by other manufacturers need regular maintenance and re-tightening as they come apart due to expansion when metal warms on hot days.
Stadium goalposts made by us do not tilt backward when nets are tensioned due to the ground socket design and all include flush locking ground socket caps.
A unique post locking system is included to prevent unauthorised removal of the goal posts which is not available on other stadium football goals.
The goals can be left in place securely but if the goals are removed to save wear and tear on the pitch this is the easiest socketed goal to dismantle. With the turn of a key locks are removed on each upright and the crossbar slides out above the posts. The goals can then be stored in three sections and easily taken away from the pitch as opposed to having to lift and move a complete goal frame.
Professional recessed net fixings are included which just needs to be rotated to secure net inside. The fixings allow the net to be removed quickly if required and the unique design enables them to also be secured in a permanent position when nets are to be left attached to the posts.
The “key” difference is the unique patented system that locks posts to posts and removes the need for bolts and the need for customers to build the actual goalposts with nuts and bolts. The posts come ready, a lock is inserted and they are ready to go, not tools, no nuts and bolts and brackets.  All expansion and contraction problems found on other unwelded stadium goals is alleviated. The posts require very little ongoing maintenance, tightening of bolts. The goals are made with the latest CNC and laser cutting technology ensuring all the posts are interchangeable, useful when multiple goals are used on pitches.
6. CONFORMS TO THE GOALPOSTS SAFETY STANDARD EN748  (ideal for televised matches)


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  1. Stadium Football Goalposts, 24×8 Goals – Customer Reviews

    Football goal posts 5 stars Reviwer: Shaun Hanna, The Football Association National Groundsman of the Year 2006 (Step 7 and below) Millom FC

    A grass roots opinion
    “After using your new style goals for three seasons now, I thought I would write to you to say how well they
    have performed. The rebound off the posts is phenomenal if it hits at speed. The welded corners and crossbar is an excellent attribute to these goal posts. As for craftsmanship, rigidity and finish, they are of the highest order.
    After attending Anfield for a day as part of my prize for winning the National Groundsman of the Year Award 2006, I thought to myself that we have got better goal posts than Liverpool F.C.! Ours look so much stronger and better made and even more professional”
    Shaun Hanna – The Football Association National Groundsman of the Year 2006 (Step 7 and below) Millom FC

    Football goal posts 5 stars Reviwer: Gemma Crooks – UK 2021

    Andrew and his lovely better half from Itsa goal have been absolutely fantastic and accommodating. They delivered the posts personally all the way down in Braunston near Daventry (Northamptonshire), the guidance provided is excellent and communication really good all the way through the process. We had one slight issue with a cross bar weld breakage after the first season of use (it happens on hand built to order items such as these as D pillars on the first set were a little tight), but this was quickly and efficiently replaced by not just a new weld but a whole new cross bar which was delivered and they even helped to fit it with my partner David, so it was great. It now fits better than ever! With the Itsa goal goal posts we managed to win our first league title for 72 years in the Rugby and District Sunday Open Age League and also went on to win the cup double with a divisional cup. I have attached some photos of last years win and this years new kit sponsor in front of the goal posts (looking great).
    fixed position aluminium goals

    For Football goal posts 5 stars  Football Goalpost Reviews