Football Goal – Counter Balance Weight

The low profile ITSA GOAL calibrated weights are much safer than handbag type counterweights that have protruding handles that may entrap hands and feet. The unique design of the ITSA GOAL system enables them to be held together with snap on loops and wires and laid over the rear goalpost ground frame or used individually inside rear ground frames.
Each counter weight is calibrated at 11kilos and two fastened together offer 22 kilos of counterweight spread over a wider 500mm area making them work better than any other counter balance weight system.

The ITSA GOAL Counter balance weights do not to damage artificial grass as they are designed to excerpt  more pull under the ground frame and less drag as it lifts resulting in a more effective counter balance force.  The weights can be un-clipped and each individual counter balance weight can be inserted inside the 70mm diameter ITSA Goal ground frame tube sections,ideal when goalposts are to be left in position and not moved around. ITSA GOAL Counter balance weights are supplied in a standard electroplate finish to avoid rust damage to artificial grass surfaces. We recommend self painting or we can offer at additional cost an extra plastic paint finish in green or black.
To calculate the counterbalance weights required on any freestanding goalpost above 18Kilos in weight to conform to the current 1100 Newtons topple testing on BS 8462 & EN748 you will need:-