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The details below specifically explain useful information in relation to the installation of Football Pitch Barriers.

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With regard to barrier installation prices, we show these are not fixed price quotations but estimates as to what we consider may be the approximate cost of the work. If you want a fixed price we can do this but this would be much more expensive as we would need to allow for every possible eventuality. The final cost will be set out after Installation is complete and a further invoice or credit will be issued. Daily time sheets will record the work undertaken.

Site work needs to be flexible to enable work to be completed around weather and ground conditions. A pre-site visit before installation can be undertaken on unusual sites with perceived difficulties or access problems. These pre-site visits are chargeable and are not included in the estimate we give and need agreeing and paying for prior to the start of any work. The cost of the pre-site investigation depends on the distance from our base in Sheffield however they do not include below ground investigation as this can only be evident when excavation commences. If high voltage cables are present they may need to be
plotted and marked before any excavation starts.

A visual record from google earth of the site prior to installation is undertaken however we request any access or other possible problems are highlighted by the client to avoid unnecessary charges being incurred. It is important that secure storage is available on site during installation. The responsibility for the barrier once delivered to the site is with the buyer as ownership and title passes over (once payment has been received for the barrier). The purchase of the barrier and the installation are two separate transactions and are set out and invoiced accordingly. We recommend buyers check if their insurance cover is sufficient to cover theft or damage prior to and during installation of the barrier. If the barrier is not stored on site and we are asked to collect we reserve the right to add any additional costs incurred in additional trips from site including the time, the manpower and any additional fuel charges of bringing the barrier to the installation site.

We work on a day rate for two men and if three men are needed on site then the rate is pro rata (plus50% of the two man rate) Lodging charges are based on one room with two singles beds unless three or more men are on site when additional rooms will be charged. We endeavour to use budget accommodation as near to the location as possible. Daily travel from the accommodation to the site is chargeable. If clients wish to see copies of accommodation invoices these can be provided. It is policy to ask clients advice as to the nearest suitable accommodation to the site. Our estimate for lodgings again is based on basic Premier Inn/ Travel Lodge type rates. Weekend work is charged at a higher rate than weekdays. Travel to and from site is chargeable. All mileage is worked out on google maps information.

The suggested manpower would be set out in the estimate and would be determined by the type of barrier, its location, the weather and time constraints on the job. We do in most cases erect with two men as it is not the kind of job you can speed up with more men on the job. Barriers need to start from one position and methodically work out from that start position. The levels are also important especially on pitches that are not flat. Sloping pitches generally take longer to fit barriers on than flat areas. Steep slopes and barriers may need to be stepped up or down. The site foreman will set out prior to any installation the positions of the barrier and this needs to be agreed
on site before any excavation starts. This may mean that the barrier may be longer or shorter once set out than the barrier purchased. A separate invoice or credit note will be done at the end of the project to cover any adjustments in the estimated price given. If more barrier sections have been fitted than ordered then additional charges will be incurred if less barrier is used then a refund will be issued. (this will also be reflected in the installation estimate) We recommend barriers around sports pitches are fitted in the close season when the weather conditions are more forgiving. If barriers are fitted in bad weather conditions especially during the playing season then additional charges may be incurred due to delays caused by the weather. The security at the ground whilst the installation is in progress is the responsibility of the ground owners and any work areas need to be protected by the client at his expense during installation. If the installation contractor is asked to do this then any charges will be passed on to the client. All known underground obstacles must be identified to the site foreman especially high voltage cables, gas mains, water mains and any valves or underground metres. The company take no responsibility for the reinstatement of any underground obstacles they may hit that have not been clearly identified. Manual digging will be required in these areas and this may incur delays to the work. We and the client have a duty of care to the workmen on site and therefore all dangerous underground obstacles must be identified prior to excavation to our employees and contractors.

The client is required to liaise with the onsite foreman and a designated person in our offices in Sheffield with regard to on site work. Please ensure payment is made in plenty of time so as not to delay the on-site installation work. Installation work on site will only commence when full payment of the barrier has been made. Any estimate or quotation is subject to our full terms which include errors and omissions accepted. (E&OE)


As a general rule staff will work within reason in light rain but will not work in excessive wind, torrential rain and during electrical storms. The client will be charged whilst the men are on site during bad weather (even though they are not working) and this may also incur additional lodging charges. The client can discuss with the site foreman and the office if the men should leave site and return at a later date. If this is the case then the additional travel costs will be chargeable. This can only be agreed on a job by job basis with the client as it must be based on the savings in time and lodgings against the costs of travel to and from site. We do check the seven-day forecast when embarking on installation and daily forecasts in relation to the next day’s work tasks are taken into account. We endeavour to undertake the work in the most efficient and cost effective way as possible for the client at all times. We will however not accept responsibility for any damage to any playing surfaces due to us having to work on water logged surfaces in persistent rain. We will do our utmost to try and protect any surface identified by the client at the location but it may mean at times we may need to egress on these surfaces. Any remedial work requested would be chargeable.


We require to use digging equipment which may include dumpers, diggers, hole borers drill and mixers which may need to be left on site overnight. We require a secure area to hold this equipment.We must be informed if this is not possible as this may incur more charges as we may be only allowed to do individual day hire or incur higher insurance costs. We also require site access for delivery of materials including ballast or concrete; these to be within reasonable distance of the location where they are to be used. On sites that have floodlights if bad light is making it difficult to work then at our request for the safety of the workmen that they be used. Any costs with regard to the use of these lights to be met by the client.


We require a fifty percent payment with the order and the remainder of the barrier price to be paid upon delivery to site when ownership will then pass over to the customer. The installation will start as soon as this payment has been received and will be arranged with the client to start as soon as possible. Any additional costs above the estimate will be set out and a separate invoice will be sent for any additional items not covered in the original Estimate. Payment to be made within seven days of the date of the Invoice. A payment of fifty percent of the estimated installation costs to be paid prior to the work starting on site. The outstanding amount of the estimated cost to be paid on satisfactory conclusion and handed to the site foreman when the client is happy and signs the job off. Any additional installation work or extra barrier supplied will be invoiced separately at the end of the job and should be paid within seven days. Any additional work will be identified on site by the foreman to the client and will be confirmed by our office by email or phone. If costs can be quantified they will be sent by email to the client during the installation if possible. It is in our interests to provide a secure safe barrier for our clients and to fulfill their requests as best we can. The client must also understand that additional items or work not covered in the estimate are chargeable. This will always be done in a fair and reasonable way by our company. We reserve the right to apply a neat logo sign behind each goal for identification purposes of the supplier for reference purposes to enable the club to be able to contact us in the future for spare parts or maintenance. We reserve the right at any time to make changes to the design of the spectator crowd barrier products and systems we supply. For after sales Tel 0114 2434200 or email sales@itsagoal.net

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Barrier installation help

Barrier installation help

Spectator Barrier Installation help