01 Mar 2014
March 1, 2014

Anti-vandal ITSA Goal Posts needed by councils

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Anti-vandal ITSA Goal Posts needed by councils  as this  mindless attack to football goalposts in Cambridge. Six council owned goal posts were ripped down sometime on Sunday night. Ian Manning, a county Councillor for East Chesterton and local  resident  is disappointed by the attack. “It’s completely senseless..” Residents had complained about antisocial behavior in the area prior to the incident..A 48-year-old, who lives in Chesterton and did not want to named, noticed the attack and said: “I think it’s mindless vandalism. It’s ridiculous that someone has set this area aside for people to enjoy playing football and then someone else has come along and ruined it for everyone.” The incident is not the first attack on free city council sports equipment this year. The council have obviously are not aware of the ITSA Goal anti vandal and anti theft goalposts as if these had been installed this would not have happened.  The serious point about this is the way the goalposts can be easily lifted out of the ground and had these fallen on any one at the time a more serious incident and possibly another goalpost fatality may have happened …the vandals were lucky not to injure themselves. These are not ITSA Goal posts as all fixed position goalpost they supply have locking uprights which includes the basic not & bolt versions as well as the anti vandal lockable goalposts. ITSA Goal posts are an investment for any local authority that owns football pitches as they are not only safer they last longer and save hours in time as any upright can be fitted in any hole, at any side of the goal, at any end of the pitch and on any pitch any where.

24/11/13 Goalpost vandalism

Read more: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Cambridge/Senseless-vandalism-on-six-football-goalposts-in-Cambridge-20131124160453.htm#ixzz2uibzFDvn


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