29 Dec 2013
December 29, 2013

Football in 2014

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Football in 2014  is about commercialism, preening players and Russian billionaires. Football used to be about skill, entertainment, the fans, atmosphere, the terrace songs,  local hero’s, muddy pitches, club scarfs to keep warm ,who will we draw in the FA Cup, integrity, honesty , a program you could put  in your pocket and Bovril at half time. The good old days !  The future…football in 2014… Goal line technology with adverts whilst everyone decides which billionaire will make a few more million on the decision…and whist we wait the life changing decision  we can squeeze in a couple of adverts for junk food ! We cannot just have goal line technology …we have the science……why not check that offside decision…….yes you guessed it a couple more adverts….Well if you have that then you must agonize if it was a penalty or not and that will need a full commercial break……..was that really a foul at the edge of the box……let us have another look …..Meanwhile time for a break …… and then we will be giving points for the best dive with golden football globes at the season end for the best actor! Not to worry the kids are all sat  at home playing football on computers against other kids from all over the world….whilst eating the fast foods promoted by the game on which ever pay as you go TV channel they are offered…..whilst their parents are gambling the weeks wages on the number of throw ins, corners or who will score the next goal and in the far east some gangster will be winning enough money to continue trying to bribe those that play the game…Football in 2014 ….A game full of greed  whilst kids still play on parks pitches that have not seen a lawnmower in weeks and that have lines just created by weed killer creating unsafe ditches covered in dog poo!

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