22 Feb 2014
February 22, 2014

Goal posts improve skills

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Goal posts improve skills – Football in the UK is an institution. To progress children towards a good level of skill, it is always advisable to obtain proper training and coaching but more importantly to allow creativity and flair to develop naturally.  Many parents think they are football coaches and try to influence their children. The method of training and coaching children towards a professional scholarship has a methodical approach to both stamina and football intuition. With the utmost respect many parents don’t have these qualities. So it is imperative that the correct approach is taken. Children can practice shooting free kicks and penalties and goalkeepers saving the ball with portable goalposts.  Little do people realize that even though this is a team game, most of the practice of each of the players can and is generally done on an individual basis.  If you want to be a master player, then you have to learn to work around the ball and control it with your feet.
If you use a ball which is smaller in size, it makes you more adept at maneuvering the ball. You will soon see the results for yourself, as you will be hitting the ball more accurately into the goal. A target and a GOAL is very important in the early stages of learning to play the game. Practice aiming at the goal post from every conceivable angle.  Most of the world famous football players are good at hitting free kicks or penalties, so there is a lot of scope in that area for winning. And every world class player has practiced his moves to perfection.  ITSA Goal targets are ideal for this type of practice. It is difficult but if you want to be at the top, you must know your weakness so that you can work on them to improve your game. Two footed players are rare. Playing football alone can get boring so liven up your game practice by adding a few obstacles along the way to the goal post. You may make use of old drinks bottles to work the ball around. This is a team sport with individual skills making the difference so practice carries a lot of emphasis. In a ninety minute match on average you only have around eight minutes actually with the ball, the rest of the time you play without the football

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