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March 6, 2013

Football Goal Post Size Buying Guide

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The Following Football Goal Post size guide and football goal post size information have been derived from FA reference material to help you determine the football goal post size required.

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    Football Goal Post size Guide

    Age range – under 7-8 years old – Format 5v5  – Goalpost size 12”x6′  ( 8’x6′)
    Age range – under 9-10 years old- Format 7v7  – Goalpost size 12”x6′
    Age range – under 11-12 years old- Format 9v9  – Goalpost size 16”x7′
    Age range – under 13-14 years old Format 9v9 or 11v11  – Goalpost size 21’x7′  (24×8)
    Age range – under 15-18 years old Format  11v11 – Goalpost size 24’x8′
    Age range – under 18 years old + – Format  11v11 – Goalpost size 24’x8′

    Always contact your league secretary to confirm goalpost sizes that you require within your own league before buying football goalposts and use the above details as a guide only.

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