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nest football garden goals reviews

Which Are The Best Garden Football Goals?

This trusted best garden football goalpost reviews site will provide you with the right information you need backed up by real customer reviews and evidence so you can be assured of the product you are buying is right for your garden football needs.  Ypu may also download  the ‘‘Best garden football goalpost reviews guide” to your computer or mobile to read at your leisure.  CLICK HERE for the ‘Best garden football goalpost reviews guide download.


Which Goalpost to choose and what to look out for.

The best football garden goalposts are going to need to be built well to stand up to constant shots. So the build quality really is of most importance, you will really need to make sure the goalpost with withstand the shots of the age of the players using the garden goal.  We would suggest if the garden goalpost  takes an extra few minutes to assemble, this may not necessarily be a negative aspect, It is far more important that the garden goal stays sturdy and up with no parts coming apart….it will need stay in place after endless hours of football games in all weathers !   The goals should include a long Guarantee  – it will only be the companies and goalpost manufacturers that offers extended guarantees that will do so if they know their goalpost can stand up to the hours and hours of constant use. When buying garden goalposts, a quality goalpost product design is very important because unlike other products with built-in obsolescence, (it wears out) a garden goalpost should be designed to last a long time, years and years of footballing impacts….

Best-Garden-Football-Goalpost may last 10 years  and more if maintained. Before buying Look for an established company, not just a factory moving imported stock…Check out GOALPOST product reviews not just customer service and delivery reviews, it’s the product you need to read about. Some companies incorporate third party review systems, this involves review companies chasing up reviews after the sale…the review tends to be regarding delivery and customer sales….the review must be about the product and how it works after sustained use, bear this in mind when reading paid for reviews.

Goalpost Size

Age of Footballer

Product Design and Build Quality


Types of Garden Football Goals

Freestanding Garden Goalpost – These goalposts stand on their own thanks to run backs along the ground to the back bar. This type usually has full back net supports. The support does as it suggests and supports the goal frame upright. Please note that freestanding goals should also include ground anchors so the goals can be anchored so when a ball hits them the goal doesn’t move. It is also more importantly for safety, to stop the goals from toppling over during play and also when left in situ. We recommend multi surface anchors on freestanding upvc and aluminium garden goals as opposed to flimsy metal U shaped anchors.

Socketed Garden Goals –  There are two types of socketed garden goals, concreted sockets so the posts slot into a hole which is how adult steel goals are fitted and generally left in place during the season.  This type of garden goal is only really used when you want to install a proper steel pitch in the garden so you need a really big football pitch area. There are also plastic socketed goals that do not require a concreted socket, the post slot over a nylon spike so are just as easy as fitting a normal ground anchor on a freestanding goal. These types of goals require less parts than freestanding goals as they have no base frames and are therefore competitive.

Folding Garden Goals – Originally designed for football clubs so they can store goals easily after games. The goals can fold flat and then be carried or wheels to stores, these goals are also available for gardens but are more expensive as they are generally welded aluminium goals.

i) Material
Aluminium goals are the most popular used all over the world. Not only are they durable, they’re also light too. However, it’s steel goals that are the golden standard for elite materials. They’re far stronger than aluminium making them ideal for areas where they’ll be misused, climbed on and punished. UPVC goals make for the cheapest types and can be packed away in carry bags for taking to the park, beach or family trip.

ii) Size
Goals come in various sizes. Below is a list of FA regulation specific goals for a particular age and size:

11 A-Side Goals – Full game goals as used in stadiums and parks. Suitable for ages 15 and above
9 A-Side Goals – Great for under 12 players, goal is 16’wide and 7’high.
5 A-Side Goals – These are mini soccer goals as small as 8’by 4’ for kids under 7 years old.

Goalpost Guarantee

Garden Goalpost Price – Budget

Established Goalpost Manufacturer




If you are looking for the best garden goalpost based on affordability

If you are looking for the best garden goalpost based the overall strongest and will last the longest

If you are looking for the best overall goalpost based on all the goalpost criteria.  Goalpost Price, The longest Goalpost guarantee, The goalpost build quality with proper locking, expected goalpost lifespan, made by an established company and has apre parts and thwe ability to grow and extend your goalpost., has many proper customer goalpost product reviews, has straighter crossbars than other goals….then we receommend..




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