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April 17, 2018

The Top 5 Garden Goalposts :: Goal Post Reviews

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The Top 5 Garden Goalposts :: Goal Post Reviews

Before buying Garden goalposts consider the following:

A garden goalpost is going to need to be built well to stand up to the constant shots – if it takes a little longer to assemble, this is not an issue on a goal for the garden. It is more important that it stays up after endless hours of football games in all weathers. !   The goals should include an extended Guarantee  – only a company that offers a long guarantee will do so if they know their goalpost can stand up to the use. When purchasing garden goalposts, a quality goal is important because unlike other products with built-in obsolescence, a garden goalpost should be designed to last a long time…quality garden goals may last 10 years plus if maintained. Look for an established company, not just a factory moving imported stock…Check out GOALPOST product reviews not just customer service and delivery reviews, it’s the product you need to read about. Some companies incorporate third party review systems, this involves review companies chasing up reviews after the sale…the review tends to be regarding delivery and customer sales….the review must be about the product and how it works after sustained use, bear this in mind when reading paid for reviews.


12x6 garden goal

12’x6′ 7V7 MINI SOCCER uPVC ITSA GOAL Garden Goal garden goalposts to buy
Online supplier  Soccertackle.com
Specially strengthened corner design and strong construction, with locking back net supports and a fully locking goalpost. Neat Arrowhead goal net fixings included. Best braided quality nylon nets that will not rot. Easy to follow step by step assembly instructions supplied with each goal. Safety Ground anchors and safety ground pegs included. Highlighted as one of the best garden goals because it includes a one section crossbar, this makes the crossbar straighter than other sectional crossbar goals and an overall sturdier garden goal.

Garden Goalposts Reviews

16’x7′ uPVC Goalpost 5-stars
Supplied by Soccertackle.com
Sturdy specially strengthened reinforced corner brackets and weatherproof.
Fully locking goal with locking net supports, quality nylon rot proof net, weatherproof, easy to assemble with step by step assembly instructions provided. Ground anchors are included. This goal has an optional tubular aluminum crossbar – This is highly recommended if the budget allows as this will prevent the unsightly dipping of crossbars as seen on other goal post makes; the current British Goalpost Safety Standard BS8462 does not allow any tolerance for a dipping crossbar so if the crossbar dips it will not conform. This goal is easy to store or bring out on matchdays…the sides can concertina in with nets left attached…so when you want to use the goals it is quick and easy to just fit the crossbar and the back bar and then clip the nets on.  There really is No faster goalpost assembly other than the ITSA GOAL folding aluminium goals but they are fully welded and more expensive. So this is a very competitive goal for such a large goalpost – Recommended for larger gardens or the equivalent ITSA GOAL 12×6 goalpost above.

6x4 goalposts REVIEWS

6’x4′ uPVC Garden Goalpost Garden Goal Reviews
Supplied by Soccertackle.com
Strong strudy garden goal post design tubular uPVC, locking net back supports with a roof to the net that locks, quality rot proof net, weatherproof, easy to assemble, ground anchors included, proper roof to the net. Competitive.

8x6 garden goal Reviews

8’x6′ uPVC Garden Goalpost Goalposts Reviews
Heavy duty corner brackets as seen on larger uPVC Goalposts post design with locking net supports. Top quality nylon rot proof net, weatherproof, easy to assemble, ground anchors included, proper roof to the net. Best priced competitive goalpost.

12x6 garden goals reviews

12’x6′ uPVC Garden Goalpost childrens Garden Goalposts Reviews
online goalpost suplier Soccertackle.com
Strong design with locking back supports. This 12 x 6 goal is very competitive for the size of the goal, the goal is for use on grass only and includes unique ground anchors that do not disturb the turf and are easy to insert. After a game should you need to take the goals down this anchor just needs a tap left and right and the anchor lifts out of the ground. The goal consists of a crossbar and uprights so there are less posts section, so it is easier to store. Top quality nylon rot proof net, weatherproof goalpost , easy to assemble, ground anchors included, proper roof to the net that locks fully –  not just pushed into holes!



Avoid flimsy metal goals and avoid heavy steel goals that are potentially dangerous – not worth the risk with children!

Making sure your garden goalposts have locking back net supports – otherwise every time your shot hits the back of the net, the net support may come apart!  look out for goalposts that have net supports that just push in holes, makes sure they lock into the corners. .

Buy from an established football company that provides real football goal product reviews, not just customer service and delivery reviews.

Avoid bending back net supports –  they do bend and eventually will crease and need replacing.

Check for dipping crossbar goals, particularly on 12×6 and 16×7 goals – Potentially retouched goalpost photographs may be misleading, at the time of buying a goal online … take a look and see the equivalent goals in videos online, a quick search will reveal what the crossbars really look like during a game. A garden goalpost looks much better when the crossbar is straight and ITSA GOAL offer the best option with one section crossbar versions. The current British Goalpost Safety Standard BS8462 does not allow any tolerance for a dipping crossbar so if the crossbar dips it will not conform.

Look for a long goalpost guarantee

Any report about goalposts that does not include the two leading brands ‘ITSA Goal’ & ‘Footie garden goals’ should be taken with a pinch of salt. Those judging garden goalposts claiming to be impartial should include the leading and top garden goal post brands. If any ‘TOP TEN GOALPOSTS FOR THE GARDEN’ review website does not include ITSA GOAL products it cannot be relied upon to be anything other than a sales tool that is misinforming buyers.ITSA GOAL was the inventor of the first plastic football goals and the only children’s football goals to be approved by the Football Association and FIFA back in 1992. ITSA GOAL has been making plastic goals for over thirty years, longer than any other manufacturer. The company is highly regarded throughout the footballing community and their products have never in all that time had a bad review. They’re recognized for offering better longer lasting quality nets, longer warranty and the best value for money so why are they not included?
Maybe these reports are not impartial as they state they are but a new fake news platform to sell poor quality products to unsuspecting buyers of garden football goals.

“They say imitation is the best form of flattery,”


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