02 Jan 2014
January 2, 2014

9v9 Goalposts

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9v9 Goalposts     9v9 football goals above 18kilos in weight are now to be made to the same heavy weight as adult football goals. As a company dedicated to the safety of goalposts we cannot believe the revisions to the football goalpost safety standards that have just been introduced. Heavy freestanding steel 9v9 goalposts  used  in 16×7 football goals and 21x7football goals for  9v9 games may cause serious injury if they topple onto a child. We have sent a full report to the BSI safety committee about the ridiculous situation where lighter safer goalposts are excluded from the safety standards. We are gathering support from  junior clubs to show the support for all freestanding goals to be made to a safe weight/ mass .We hope that the Football Association and British Standards Institute will apply a  common sense approach to the safety  problem of freestanding 9v9  football goals on the new European goalpost standards.

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The creator of Mini Soccer for children. Company Chairman of ITSA Goal posts Ltd the first goal post manufacturer of uPVC plastic goal posts in carry bags. Children's football with smaller sides, allowing more touches of the football with proportional goalposts and pitches. A Product Designer and Innovator who has been driving industry standards in goal post safety for over twenty five years. A Founder member of the European EN 748 goalpost safety committee.