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What size football goal should I buy for my garden

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what goalpost to buy for a garden

Buying a children’s football goal and unsure where to start and what size football goal to buy. It is difficult to know What size football goal should I buy for my garden. This handy football goal guide what size football goal  covers everything you need to know to get the best goal for your garden.

With all the different types of garden goals what size football goal is hard to  decide. The photo above shows you the 6’x4′ goal, 4’x3′ goal in relation to the recognized official under the age of 11 –  mini soccer size 12’x6′

Finding the best football goal for your garden is determined by the area you have available, the age of the players, the surface played on (normally grass) and also do you intend to store goals after games.

  1. How big is your garden in relation to the garden goal –AREA AVAILABLE
  2. What Age Range Is The Football Goal For? AGE OF PLAYERS

How big is your garden in relation to the garden goal

It is important to check your space and recommend measuring the width and length of your garden area. As most goal post sizes are shown in  feet and inches, a quick way to measure the space is to pace it out – (most feet are a foot long!)    Or use a tape measure if you have one to hand and you can measure in meters as the goalpost size are shown in both metric and feet.

Ideally if the space allows leave some space on either side of you goal for corners, however this depends on your garden. The most important factor is the goal fits the space with an area in front for play. Most uPVC goalpost are portable and so you can always pack up your goal and take it to the local park or beach.

What age range is the Football Garden Goal for?

Age range is a factor to consider. The goal post height is relevant to to the child’s height.  Children are growing taller these days but when a child grows into an adult they will only ever play in a full size regulation goal in adult matches, which is size 24′ x 8′ (7.3×2.4m).   So with this in mind if the goal is for an outfield player the target ideally should be proportional to 24’x8′ .   This is so that the practice of shooting is into a goal that is a similar proportion length to height to a regulation adult goal. For example, a 12’x6′ (3.6mx1.8m) mini soccer goal or an 8’x4′ (2.4×1.2m) goal; these goals are proportionaly accurate so provide a more realistic goal size for a child.  However, if you goal is for budding goalkeeper the goal width and height would be better to be a little larger  to enable practicing diving.

ITSA Goal Post s Ltd (John Wilson M.D.) created the first ever uPVC portable goal in a bag, way back in 1989 which was approved by the FA & FIFA and the goal size created which is now recognized as the official size played by all children under the age of 11 in official mini soccer leagues is the size 12’x6′ (3.6mx1.8).    You can see by the size chart below this is an approximate proportional goal so children have a more realistic goalpost for their size.  With this in mind if you garden is large enough the 12’x6′ goal is a great size of goal if  your child is around  9-11 years of age as they may start to play in this size of goal in local leagues.
Please click here for information on one of the best 12×6 garden goalposts
Please click this link for one of the best 12×6 goalpost used by local clubs.

If your garden isn’t large enough for a 12’x6′ then there are smaller garden goals which are ideal for practicing in.  One of our most popular garden goals is the 8’x4′ goal, this is similarly proportional to a full size adult goal so provides a realistic proportional size goal for children and an ideal size for the garden.   ITS GOAL also provide extensions for these goalposts so the goal can grow as your child grows.  Please click this link for more information on the 8’x4′ goal extension

We also provide a smaller  4’x3′ goal and 6’x4′ goal which are ideal for the youngest players and offer a great introduction to the beautiful game.

Have a good look at the What size football goal should I buy for my garden diagram below to find your perfect garden football goal.


What size football goal should I buy for my garden


What size football goal should I buy for my garden – reasons to buy uPVC goals, Steel goals, Or Aluminium Goals?


  • uPVC: Our range of freestanding garden goals are made from high impact uPVC which makes them extremely strong yet lightweight and portable. They are also weatherproof and will last many years. uPVC is lightweight and so is safe particularly for the very young.
  • Steel: We do not recommend steel goals for the garden..freestanding steel goals are heavy and dangerous should the anchors not be used properly. ..the only exception is socketed steel lockable anti- theft goals that are patented and only available from itsagoal and soccertackle.
  • Aluminium: The advantage of weighing less enables  freestanding models in particular to move easily. Aluminium goals are more expensive but do not rust. The goals have a proper rebound and you will not get a dip on the larger plastic goal crossbars.  ITSA GOAL  is an FA suitable football goal supplier and our aluminium goal range has passed strict independent BS EN safety standards tests.

BUY FROM AN ESTABLISHED football goalposts manufacturer in the UK –  IF YOU BUY AN IMPORTED PRODUCT from the far east you may not be able  ABLE TO BUY SPARE PARTS and that is why these end up in a landfill ….”Made in the far east buried in Britain”

Buy sports equipment, not a flimsy toy and they will last you years  especially if the goals have extended warranty …if they do they would not offer longer guarantees  if the product will not last

you can buy quality engineered products direct from the manufacturers at very competitive prices sometimes better than far east toy prices that have middlemen markups …if you search through the leading UK goalpost manufacturers website  www.itsagoal.net


Please find some of the most popular garden goals shown below,with links to the best garden goalpost prices.

what size football goal – Best priced garden goal post sizes

Garden goal-6×4
Garden Goal 8’x4′
Garden Goalpost 8’x6′
Garden Goal size 12×6

what size football goal – Ideal goals for the garden but more commonly used in local club matches.

Garden Goalpost size  8’x4′
Garden Goalpost size  8’x6′
Garden Goal size size  12×6
Garden Goalpost size  16’x7′

what size football goal – Aluminium goals also available normally used in local club matches.

Aluminium Garden Goalpost size  8’x4′
Aluminium Garden Goalpost size  8’x6′
Aluminium Garden Goal size size  12×6
Aluminium Garden Goalpost size  16’x7′


goalpost sizewhat size goal 16x7

football goalpost
The 12’x4′ upvc goals and aluminium goals are normally seen in sports centres for five a side but make a goof training goal at home.

The 8’x6′ upvc goals are ideal for the garden and for taller children.

The 8’x4′ upvc goals are one of the best introductory goal sizes for the youngest footballers as they are proportional to a full size goal so add realism to practice.

The 6’x4′ upvc goals are one of the best introductory goal sizes for the youngest footballers.

The 4’x3′ upvc goals and aluminium goals are recommended for shooting practice

ITSA POSTS LTD goalpost manufacturers in Sheffield Engalnd – Official online suppliers Soccertackle.com

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