Samba Goals Corner Bracket Compared to ITSA GOAL Goalpost Corner Brackets.

When you are considering buying a uPVC Goal it is recommended to check the design of the ITSA GOAL corner bracket compared to the Samba Goals corner bracket, how the goalpost connects and is it up to the job – A goalpost is a product that will have footballs crashing into it each day for years and years so it is better to buy a goal that is built to last.

samba goals

The samba goals corner bracket is the blue corner bracket  – The ITSA GOAL POST corner bracket is White with black buttons.


Corner Bracket Design with a locking Back Net Support

ITSA GOAL branded goals include a locking spigot so the horizontal top net supports properly lock into place, this design is much better than goals with top stanchions that push in with no locking. If you are unsure when buying a goal ask to check the fitting instructions which should be free to download and view before buying.  The image of the samba goal corner bracket (blue bracket) also shows the larger holes in the corner bracket where the back net support tubes sprag in place, in contrast, the ITSAGOAL corner bracket has a separate spigot that is designed to lock in, it is also specially strengthened internally and the net support is designed to lock in place over the spigot so the back net supports stay firmly in place and can’t come out during a game.
NOTE Do not be misled by claims that the goals are fully locking when they may not be, always look to see the side view and if the net is held away at the top as it should be.



The image above shows the ITSA GOAL elbow (Left) which connects the back support and shows the locking button.
The elbow on the right is another competitor’s goal, Smyth’s Striker goal and shows how much smaller the tube is.


samba goalsposts

The image above shows the SAMBA GOAL corner and how the net support bends into the corner bracket.
In contrast, you can see below how the ITSA GOAL product has a locking stanchion secured into the back of the goalpost corner bracket.
You can also see how the net properly fits onto the arrow hooks supplied with ITSA GOAL POSTS.


itsa goal plastic goals


Corner Bracket Strength

We recommend checking the goal corner bracket strength – the corner bracket is integral to the strength of the goal ensuring the crossbar connects with the posts and the back net supports.  ITSA GOAL branded plastic corner brackets have been measured to have a 300% thicker wall, which is three times more material providing a much stronger goalpost corner bracket.

Goal Post Corner Brackets

Quality Goal Nets

Always check the quality of the goal netting. ITSA GOAL netting is made in weatherproof 2.5mm thick white polyethylene.  See the quality of the ITSAGOAL netting compared to the Smyth’s Striker goal netting shown below. The ITSA GOAL netting has a thicker stronger twine and a braided thicker edge clearly shown below.

spare goal nets


Goalpost Safety Standard

Goalpost should now conform to the latest safety standard  BS EN 16579:2018 – GOALPOST SAFETY STANDARD  not BS8462 which is now obsolete.

Goal Post Net fitting

Check how the goal nets attach to the goals. The ITSA GOAL branded goals use proper arrow hook net fixings, recommended by the National Playing Fields Association.Other goals use clips that pull nets around the post which look unsightly.



The image above shows the ITSA GOAL product with neat arrow hook net fixings

The image above shows how the samba goal net attaches to the posts.



How long is the Guarantee?

ITSAGOAL branded plastic goals have a THREE YEARS GUARANTEE – We are confident that our goals are built to last.-  No other manufacturer matches our guarantee.

Customer Product Reviews

Read real product reviews, not just service reviews, find out how the products stands up to intensive use – for example, read the product review received by ITSAGOAL below. Further product reviews are available to read on the following link. ITSA GOAL product reviews 

Easy Goals to Assemble on match days

The following product review demonstrates an example of how quick and easy the ITSA GOAL products are to assemble.

“Hi Vince,
Re; your recent post via HDYFL pertaining to ITSAGOAL , which I have been passed-on by our Club Secretary. Frankly I swear by their products and would be hard-pressed to purchase any other goals from elsewhere, either the PVC or Aluminum versions. In my own opinion, a no brainer – The items I have purchased for Henfield U8’s/U9’s whom I Coach are of excellent quality and better than anything else I could find on the market in terms of robustness : cost. I personally purchased ours as one-piece goals and just take the end triangles-off (as-opposed to buying a bag full of bits to set-up each Saturday or training session). Admittedly I have an Estate car and they hang out of the back; but the benefits of only taking literally less than one minute to erect by this option are untold on a cold muddy morning!
Your U9’s have seen/are familiar with our goals, as we took them over to our 3G facility only recently to play our match whilst the poor weather was hampering grass fixtures, and you are always welcome to pop down the A24 to have a closer look or give me a call on the numbers below
Second good reason for purchasing Itsa Goal – An entirely UK small family Company operating out of a sports ground under the shadows of Sheffield Steel works, and their MD John is mad-fanatical on kids football and likewise his products. I visited John at his factory whilst working in the area as part of our own market research
I’m not in any way affiliated to Itsa Goal; but if you should give John a call (which I would recommend, he is very helpful and does not do the hard-sell thing), please mention Andy at Henfield U9’s, as we do keep in touch and he would appreciate knowing that someone recommends his products Kind regards
Andy (Henfield U9’s Coach)”


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