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March 6, 2014

Goalpost death in Germany

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Goalpost death in Germany   –   (translated as best as we can )

Confiscated goals: Frankfurt Juniors threatens chaos .On March 9 to begin the second half in the Frankfurt youth football – but the clubs are facing a big problem: they have no goals. They have been moved in the Sports Department, to make them safer. Hamburg – wanted the sports office in Frankfurt to act  and increase the security of all youth football in the city, but now, head of the sports department Markus Frank faces chaos. If the second round of the junior kicker begins on March 3, there will not be enough soccer goals in the area and hundreds of games threaten to be postponed.The reason: The sports department confiscated 351 goals, to make sure the goals used were more stable and safer with additional counterbalance weight. The trigger for this action was a tragic accident last year in Hamburg, as a child was slain by a goal. The necessary staff, nor the necessary material is available to make the conversions as the goals are still on the premises of the sports Office. My employees “wanted to ensure quick and uncompromising security on the sports fields”, says detective Frank SPIEGEL ONLINE. His authority has been asked meantime , to equip the goals with weights, but when you upgrade, according to Frank, there were delays: “we are just trying to speed up the procurement of the weights. As a temporary solution.” Even if goals through the city can be shared for all parts of the youth football , not enough are available. “It will cause some problems with the clubs”, says the Chairman of the SC Riedberg, Alexander Markert; .The Sports Department has invited the clubs to the stadium of FSV Frankfurt, to discuss a solution.


If only our own Health & Safety Executive and our department of Sport & Culture looked at dangerous freestanding  goalposts in the UK and took them out of use overnight things might change.


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